Tylor Thomas wrestles in Regional


This past Saturday February 2nd, Switzerland County High School wrestler Tylor Thomas made history by participating in the Regional Wrestling Tournament at Jeffersonville High School.

Tylor Thomas is the first wrestler in Switzerland County history to wrestle at this level of competition.

He wrestled three matches on Saturday, earning one win and suffering two losses. Overall, he earned sixth place in the regional when the day.

“Tylor represented himself, the school, and the county very well during the season and the tournament,” head coach Rick Wallace said.

Coach Wallace said that Tylor Thomas started conditioning in mid-September for the this wrestling season; and after six weeks of conditioning, he took to mats to start the new season and has been making his mark in the wrestling community ever since.

Tylor Thomas completed the regular season with a record of 23-11; and earned fifth place in the conference prior to the regional tournament. He also wrestled on the varsity high school team last year, finishing with a winning season of 13-11.

Tylor Thomas was a starter on the first middle school wrestling team in Switzerland County, as well as starting varsity on the first high school wrestling team in Switzerland County history. He is a sophomore, and is already wrestling in the advanced levels of competition by placing in both the sectional and regional tournaments.

“Tyler is very dedicated and determined wrestler,” Coach Wallace said. “He is a pleasure to coach as well as an outstanding young man. Tyler has made us all very proud. Tyler has two more years to wrestle at the high school level, and has already been successful at the regional level. I look forward to being part of his future wrestling accomplishments.”