Todd step down as Principal, will move to Central Office


At Monday night’s meeting of the Switzerland County School Board, approval was given for the re-structuring of an administrative position that will lead to a change in the leadership at Switzerland County High School.

  Current high school principal David Todd has announced that this will be his final year leading the school, and this summer he will transition into a new position at the Administration Building.

  “Basically I’ll finish up as principal here this summer; but Fred (Ross) and I will be working together, and we’ll already have a new principal in place,” Todd said. “As soon as I’m done here, I’ll switch over and keep working.”

  The position deals with grant management as well as test coordinating, and other duties for the corporation; and became available when Fred Ross announced that he would be retiring at the end of this school year.

  “Coming back to Switzerland County School Corporation, it became obvious very quickly just what a vital role Fred Ross plays in the success of the school corporation,” Superintendent Rod Hite said. “He manages literally millions of dollars in grants every year. He also serves as the corporation test coordinator, as well as the liaison for the ‘After the Bell’ program, food pantry partnership with Cincinnati Freestore Food Bank, and other roles such as the McKinney Vento homeless coordinator. This is in addition to all the other roles Fred steps in to support throughout the year.”

  Todd is technically being transferred into the position by Superintendent Hite, but is being done with the full support of Todd.

  “While looking for a replacement, the school corporation needed someone who was organized, good with spreadsheets, good communication skills, and has a strong work ethic,” Hite said. “David Todd has each of these qualities and will be a great fit for the position. The role also needed to be expanded to a year round position because many of the due dates and grant writing is performed in the summer. While Fred will be missed I do look forward to seeing David assume the role.

  “By transferring David into the position it does open up the high school principal position,” Hite continued. “As most people know this too is a key position. The principal sets the tone for a building and helps develop the culture among the students and staff. While David will be transferred to the administration building, he will be a phone call away for whomever becomes the new principal. This new working relationship should be a great help to the person who comes into the high school principal seat.”

  “I’ll be working with the new high school administration to help have as smooth a transition as possible,” Todd said.

  Why is now the right time for a new challenge?

  “So, when Fred Ross made the decision to retire, his job was something that I would have shown a lot of interest in next year — because I had planned to retire from my principal’s job after the 2021-2022 school year,” Todd said. “It would have been ideal to take that position after I retired from this principal’s position, however, with Fred going ahead and retiring this year, it was a decision that I had to make now, or it may not be available next year when I retire as high school principal.”

  Todd came to the Switzerland County School Corporation in the 1997-1998 school year.

  “I taught math at the middle school for one year, then I came to the high school after that,” he said. “I was the jayvee basketball coach when I came, and I did that for three years. Then I was the varsity basketball coach for six years, through 2006 while I was teaching math as well. In 2006-2007 I was a teacher and not a coach. I was involved with the teachers union, I was the President of the Classroom Teachers Association during that time. Then I became an assistant principal and athletic director under Candi Haskell and I did that for 11 years.”

  This is his third year as the Switzerland County High School Principal.

  “There is a level of reluctance, because in the position where I currently work, I deal directly with students and teachers, and that’s something that I will miss greatly,” Todd said. “But this is a new challenge, and will allow me to finish out my career in education in another role. There’s definitely no regrets in any of the experiences that I’ve had, and this is going to all to those.”