Tapps Ridge News


Have a lot of catching up to do, sorry for not writing as often.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan, and Jack enjoyed their Spring Break in Hocking Hills, Ohio. It’s a great place to visit and walk through the trails and enjoy the peaceful quiet.

While the boys, Ethan and Jack, were on break, Carol and I enjoyed a trip to Columbus, Mississippi, and a great visit with Joan James Carrigan. We took tours of the old Southern homes, and a tour of the Friendship Cemetery at night. A great time was had by all.

Carol and I attended the HOPPS Craft Fair at Belterra. A lot of beautiful crafts, all for a good cause.

Joan Shaub attended a birthday party for her grandkids, Mary and Willie, at Andrew Shaub’s house.

Ashley and Damien Mains took in the sights in Gatlinburg, Tennessee while Ashley was on break from teaching at Carroll County. Ashley took her Grandma, Maralee McClellan, to Paoli to visit Tammy Jo.

Carol and I went to the Lee Greenwood and Crystal Gayle concert at Belterra May Jane Hankins, Daisy Swanson, and the Sides sisters also enjoyed the show. Thanks, Mary Jo Meyer.

Vickie James Meyer was a recent visitor of her mom, Leona Adams. While Vickie was here, we got to go out to lunch together.

Betty Drew’s granddaughter, Emily, had a confirmation at her church. She is the daughter of Kathy Gaalema. Kathy was also awarded the Teacher of the Year award at her school. Congrats, Kathy!

Brenda, Donnie, and Jeana Rayles invited us over for a cookout. Brandon Johns and his sons were there. Also: Ethan Rayles; Ed, Ethan, and Jack; and Brack, Jamie, Gipson, and Ely Rayles. The boys all had a good time. Ethan and Jack love to go to Brenda’s.

Jeff and Bobbie Jo Klein and sons Graham and Garrett visited Donnie, Brenda, and Jeana recently, too. Graham loves to go there and fish.

Carol attended a Rock and Roll Gala put on by the ‘Think Smart, Stay Safe’ group. It was held in Aurora; and Cynthia Griffith, Joyce Wright, and Elizabeth Banta were also in attendance. Carol, Joyce, and Elizabeth are volunteer small group leaders, and Cynthia is the large group leader.

Sympathy to the family of Connie James. Paul and I had a good visit at Leona and Richard Adams’ home.

Carol and I have been enjoying Ethan and Jack’s soccer games. The boys really enjoy playing.

Well, my wife, Carol, had a birthday month in April. How come men get one day, and women have a whole month?

Get well wishes to Leona and Richard Adams, who had a wreck on River Road between North Landing and Rising Sun. No pun intended, but Mr. Messer and Mr. Frye, there is a Southeastern Indiana, and Ohio County and Switzerland County deserve to have our roads fixed before somebody gets killed or it falls in the River. – Enough said.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church: Harry Brown, Vera McAllister, Bill Marksberry, Jim Allison, Debbie Foster, Bootie Thornton, Leona and Richard Adams, Dawn Elston, Casey Banta, Keith Mosier, Buster Chase, Raymond Peters, Calvin Hickey, Diane Klier, Lisa Asher, Janice and Bob Fehrman, Rick and Laci Daugherty, and Troy Stafford.

Sympathies to the families of Paul James, Alexandra Hollen, and Pat Gutzwiller.

Happy Birthday to: Pat Kelly, Jr., Jake Flynn, Mathias Schaub, Adam Schaub, Kameron Pavy, Carol McClellan, Gertrude Voris, Heather Slack, Michelle Carfield, Gary Collins, Anita Schaub, Tobie McClurg, Roger Nay, Rodney Nay, Heather Parnell Stewart, and Billie (Darbro) Kuhnen.

Congrats to Tyler Teel. He graduated form Airman Boot Camp. Katrina and Richard Lock went to his graduation. Later, they enjoyed sightseeing in San Antonio, Texas.

Happy Anniversary: Bob and Pat Slack; Sean and Kim Janssen; Dick and Carol Schroeder; Scott and Amanda Curlin; and Bill and Nancy Lock.

Mary Jo Meyer attended her grandson Alex’s First Communion, and later enjoyed her family with a derby party and Mother’s Day get together.

Zack Rodgers came home to see his dad, Daniel. Daniel had shoulder surgery recently. Zack took his mom and dad to Red Lobster for Mother’s Day.

Steve and Kelly Kelly took Kelly’s mom and dad, Larry and Vivian Elder, to Outback for Mother’s Day.

I took Carol to Ponderosa today (Sunday) for Mother’s Day. It was a packed house. This evening, Ed, Mandy, Ethan, and Jack came out to the house to celebrate Mother’s Day for Carol.

Ed, Mandy, Ethan, and Jack went to Mandy’s mom and dad’s for dinner for Mother’s Day. Sammi Browning and Lily; and Liz Bovard and family were there, too.

Donna and Don Miller attended Sara Asher’s graduation from the University of Kentucky. That is ok – congratulations, Sara!

We want to wish all of you Mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day. Hope you all had a great day.

Until next time. Take care.