Tapps Ridge News 3-14-13


Hello, friends.

Carol, Ethan, and Jack went to First Friday. It was Super Hero night at the Library. Jack was Spiderman and Ehtan was Batman. Brack, Jamie, Gipson and Eli Rayles and Jeana Rayles were also there. They enjoyed games and snacks. Thanks to Shannon and her staff. Always a fun time.

Congratulations Switzerland County Pacers, 2013 Sectional Champs. A large crowd was in attendance. Great job, well done.

Saturday was a trip to the Regional. The outcome wasn’t he same, but another great crowd. What a year for the Switzerland County Pacers. Your hard work and sportsmanship is something to be proud of. Another great job. The town, school and community are proud of the Pacers.

Ashley Jones Maines and Tammy McClellan Jones were recent visitors of Doris Chase. Doris was surprised and glad to see them.

Lenten service was held at Center Square. Lenny Thorpe was the speaker, great message. There was special music and great food and fellowship after the service.

Had a nice call from Betty (Peters) Drew. She and Dale are doing okay. Somebody is going to have a birthday. I won’t say who, her age keeps going backwards. Pretty soon I will catch up with her. Happy Birthday, Betty. Hope you have a great day.

Phyllis Kelly and Rita Clark went to Louisville to see Rosemary (Kelly) Warford. Rose is in serious condition at Norton’s Hospital. She is Carol’s aunt.

Phyllis Kelly and Carolyn Puckett went to the new casino in Cincinnati. She said the best part of it was it is non-smoking.

Lou Ann Shafer stopped by to see Ed one day last week. She brought him and the boys cookies. Thanks for stopping by.

Ed is doing some better, but seems to be having other issues stemming from the accident. Carol took him to see Dr. Iseral in Madison. We will take him to see his surgeon Wednesday in Cincinnati. Hopefully he will be healed enough to at least put his foot on the ground. Pray for him.

Ed had bought him and me tickets to the U.C. game Saturday night. Carol called to check on the handicap accessibility. They seated us on the floor. The staff of U.C. was a class act. They couldn’t have been more helpful. This was good for Ed. He needed this. He said now if he could just get opening day Reds tickets.

Carol had the boys Saturday. They had to check out the bowling alley. The boys really had a good time. On their way out they ran into Kurtis and Erin Gregory. They were there to celebrate Erin’s son Damon’s 9th birthday. Carol also saw Luanne Turner and her granddaughter Madeline. She was taking her a walk while the others bowled.

Happy Birthday Bev Mathews, Gipson Rayles, Marilyn Owens, Clint Green, Sharon Schmitt, Jeremy Black, Ginny Leap, Pat Jones, Gayle Bullock, Judy Bailey, Dylan Monahan, Holly Rowe, Jill Darbro, Mike South, Hazel Knaus, Dave McFadden, Shirley Davis, Sara Forwood, Angie Satterfield, and Tommy Courter.

Happy Anniversary Lenny and Janice Sams, Jeff and Jessica Mullins, Jeremy and Melissa King, and Rachel and Chris Miller.

Prayer concerns at Fredonia Church: The families and community of South Ripley, Kim Cox, Len Berner, Schneider family, Rosemary Warford, Deny Brown, Barb Brown, Harry Brown, Dutchie Scholl, Laci Daugherty and Rick Daugherty, Eddie McClellan and Sherry Young.

Carol and I visited Doris Chase this evening. Connie Jo was also there. We had a nice visit. Doris and Jo both have bad cold. Doris said Pansy Covington has been sick too.

Carol and I had a late dinner Saturday night. We stopped in at Granny’s. They always have good food. Tonya Moore and her husband were there too. We had a nice visit with them. Tonya said she and her husband had dinner at Granny’s recently with Helen and Lester Parks. Helen has written a book about her teaching career. We hope it is a success for her.

Here is a poem I thought you would like. It was written by Tommy May.

The Four Loves of My Life

The Love of God,

Who gave me life and the will to try to follow his ways.

The Love of my country founded under God, that protects my efforts and my right to be free.

The Love for the land, where I make life’s stand and the things I produce with my hands.

My Love for you that began when we first met and will end here on earth when I am laid down in eternal rest here on earth, then go on forever in God’s home.

Carmethia Ann.

Tommy and Ann have lived on Tapps Ridge for a long time. Great neighbor and friend. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Brenda and Jeana Rayles attended the 8th birthday celebration of her grandson Gipson Rayles Saturday.

This is in memory of my mom Wilma McClellan. She loved poems and this particular one fits her so well. This poem was in one of her columns she wrote in 1980. We miss her dearly. Until we meet again.

Time is not measurer

by the years that you live

But by the deeds that you do

And the joy that you give

And each day as it comes

And brings a chance to each one

To love to the fullest,

leaving nothing undone.

That would brighten the life

or lighten the load

Of some weary traveler

lost on life’s road

So what does it matter

how long we may live

If as long as we live

we unselfishly give.

I know the article is long but I think the two poems are worth sharing. I just want you to know the coffee pot is still on. Thank for the article in Reflections of the Past last week. Take care.