Switzerland County Elementary students pack food for people in Haiti


Looking around the gym at Switzerland County Elementary School you won’t see jumping jacks and running races, instead you will see tables filled with food, children busily working while they dance and sing. This is what it means to be a 2nd grader at SCES.

For the third year in a row these second graders have set a goal to feed hungry children and they have achieved their goal by packing more than 27,000 meals in the past 3 years! These meals have fed children and families in Zambia, Haiti and even families here in Switzerland County.

Many of us question how we could help others, we’re too busy, we don’t know how to get involved, we’re just one person, but these 7- and 8-year olds don’t have these doubts. These kids hear about other children in need and all they know is that they want to help. Every year the students find decide how they will raise the money needed to pack the meals.

Usually one fundraisers involves students making products that will be sold to other student’s in the school. Usually these items are throw away items that the kids give new life. In addition to product sales the 2nd grade also hosted a student art show, a spare change drive and a t-shirt sale, all to help raise the needed funds.

All of the hard work and effort raised them enough to pack 8,500 meals.

This year’s project supports Children’s Lifeline, an organization based in Kentucky that helps children in Haiti by providing nutrition, education and medical assistance. Kids Against Hunger, Louisville is the non-profit organization that feeds children around the world.

The food used for the packing comes from this organization. The students fill bags with a mineral powder, packed with 21 vitamins and minerals, dehydrated vegetables, fortified soy which is very important because of its high protein content, and then it is topped off with a cup of rice which fills the belly and provides carbohydrates. One bag is six meals, so the students know how important every single bag is to the children they are trying to help!

The teachers and students of SCES celebrated another successful project year and are proud to know that they have made a difference in the lives of others.

– Gina Miles

2nd Grade teacher, SCES