Reflections 08/01/2019



  Deaths this week: “Petie” Mathews, Terence Browning, Hiram T. Whisman, Cynthia Guard, Katherine Guard, Della B. Petrakos, Glenn W. Tucker, Sr. Robert Smith, Elizabeth Davis.

  Shayla Smith and Nathan Hickman are the 2009 Swiss Wine Festival Prince and Princess.

  Jerry and Linda (Profits) Barnes of Vevay will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, August 18th.

  The hilarious play “The Womanless Wedding” will return tho the Historic Hoosier Theater in Vevay for two performances this weekend. This year’s cast includes: David Todd, Denny Jackson, Mark Boggs, Evan Fisher, John Kinman, Bob Findley, Shane Jackson, Dan Noel, Jack Wright, Sean McGarvey, Greg Curlin, Greg Coy, Rick Hoskins, Adam Dennis, Spike Wright, Adele Snook, Jenny Abbott, and Elizabeth Abbott.

  As H1N1 virus continues to spread around the world, health officials here in Switzerland County met together on Tuesday morning to discuss various options on how to handle the pandemic should large numbers of county residents become sick. 


  Officials from the Jones Apparel Group and the Nine West Group announced Tuesday morning that the Vevay manufacturing plant will be closed effective December 17th, 1999. The closing means that 260 jobs will be lost locally. The plant was originally built in 1948 by the U.S. Shoe Corporation, and has produced millions of shoes over the past 50 years under a variety of brand names. Nine West announced on Tuesday that it would give the town of Vevay the building and grounds, and will assist the town in trying to find anew tenant for the plant. The company also announced severance packages including insurance and early retirement for its employees here.

  Dale and Mary Ann Simon of Bennington will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this coming Tuesday.

  Derrick Coy recently participated in the AAU 14 and under National Baseball Championships that were held in Chickasha, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City, The tournament held July 23rd-31st, featured 61 teams from 24 states. Derrick Coy’s team —the Indy Hounds — won its first round pool game be defeating the Kansas City Mariners by a score of 12-6. The Hounds went on to finish with a 3-3 record, ranking them 17th nationally. He is the son of Greg and Barb Coy of Vevay.


  A man was injured Monday, August 7th, when he accidentally came into contact with power lines while working in Fairview. Injured in the electrical accident was Garry Nibarger, 18, originally of Muncie.

  A Carroll County grand jury has handed down an eight-count indictment — including three counts of murder — against Sam G. Chowning, Jr., the man charged in connection with last month’s fatal auto accident on U.S. 42 near Ghent in which Reverend Kenneth Harrison, his wife Rachel, and daughter Krista, all of Vevay, were killed.

  A crash involving a tour bus which resulted in injuries of various degrees to 31 members of a Kentucky church group and their driver, occurred on State Road 56, four miles west of Vevay on Friday, August 4th.


  Rachel Hickman will be the new county Home Economics Extension Agent for Switzerland and Jefferson counties, Miss Hickman’s office will be housed with the other Cooperative Extension Agents in the Jefferson County Court House and in the Welfare Building in Vevay.

  Timothy Wentworth, 18, of Cross Plains, drowned Tuesday afternoon while swimming in a pond on his grandfather’s farm near Cross Plains in Switzerland County according to the Indiana State Police. He is the son of Wayne and Connie (Dunning) Wentworth of North Vernon.


  Sullivan’s Pharmacy celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. Warren T. Sullivan, Sr., opened the pharmacy at its same present Main Street location in 1919 and was joined in partnership by his son Jack Sullivan in 1946. Jack has continued the business since his father’s death in 1954.

  The ‘Delta Queen’, picturesque stern-wheel river boat plying the Ohio River, will cast out her lines to land next Saturday at the Vevay riverfront for a visit to Switzerland County’s second annual Swiss Wine Festival. Local residents and festival guests will be able to tour the Queen’s decks and saloons, while river passengers attend the festival attractions and view the town’s historic dwellings.

  U.S. Marine Pfc. Kerry L. Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vachel Craig of route 1, Florence, is in a Naval hospital in Yokosuka, Japan, recovering from wounds received in the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Purple Heart which has been received by his parents.

  Bids have been let and once state approval of an additional appropriation is received, the Town of Vevay will undertake its annual street repaving program which this year may include up to 16 blocks of new pavement for the town.

  Some $576.38 was collected during Switzerland County Mental Health Association’s 1969 fund campaign, it was announced this week by Mrs. Leona Sullivan, association president.


  Because of this year’s lower county budget and resulting decreased tax collections, the 1960 tax rate will have to be substantially raised, according to budget figures, released this week by County Auditor, Alvin Cole. In addition, the county must sell anticipation warrants to raise some $20,000 to meet current expenses.

  The fifth water fatality in this area within the past few months occurred Sunday evening when William Zind, 31, of Mt. Healthy, Ohio, was killed by the propeller on his outboard boat when he fell into the Ohio River near Patriot.

  At press time, no further information was available on the negotiations for a new industry for Vevay. As outlined in the special edition of last Saturday, representatives of the unidentified company were to be in Vevay within about a week to meet with the local development committee and others, and continue talks begun some weeks ago concerning the location of a small electrical appliance factory here. As more details are available they will be published.


  Meredith W. Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown of Center Square, and a veteran of four years overseas army experience, has been appointed as a civil service postal clerk with headquarters at Cristobal Panama Canal Zone.

  William Nelson McMakin of Parks Ridge who was critically injured in an automobile accident on August 1st is believed to be recovering at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison. The young man’s back was broken, his lungs were punctured, his heart was pushed from the left to the right side of his body and four ribs were broken. Pneumonia developed following the accident and for several days it seemed that only a miracle could save his life. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William McMakin.

  An old steel car of the Cincinnati Street Railway Company, sold to R. R. Robbins of Posey Township found its way through Vevay streets last Friday mounted on a big trailer and en route to the home of its present owner. Mr. Robbins expects to make a three-room cottage out of his nine ton project and later add a room or two for future use.


  The Krummel City Market was entered and robbed Tuesday night, the thieves obtaining from 10 to 20 dollars in currency.

  A nine pound boy, Donald D., was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. William Lummer of near Bennington.


  Orville, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baatz, Jr., of McCreary’s Ridge received a badly cut hand Wednesday when he fell from a load of hay. He put out his hands to break his fall and came in contact with a meat saw and a draw knife which were hanging behind him.

  The Vevay Reveille-Enterprise was sold Saturday to James K. Danglade of Vevay by Mrs. Laurie Brown, mother of the late Earl S. Brown, owner and editor.

  The 15th consecutive season of the Vevay Chautauqua came to a successful close Monday night with 550 season tickets pledged for next year’s program.

Forrest Brown, First Sergeant in the Vevay National Guard Battery, has been given a commission as Second Lieutenant. Joe Walker has been promoted to Brown’s rank and Burroughs O’Neal has succeeded Walker as Staff Sergeant. The three men are now in training at Camp Knox, Kentucky with other members of the battery.

  Vernon Gregory, 18, son of James and Flossie Moore Gregory of near Patriot died Saturday of lockjaw at the home of his aunt, Mrs. George Wade in Rising Sun. On Thursday the young man jumped from a load of hay onto a board with a nail in it which penetrated his foot. He was taken to a Rising Sun doctor the next day after he developed pain over his body and by then he was too ill to be returned to his home.

  Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Detraz entertained the Tiffany Male Quartet and Dorothy Haines, entertainers at the Chautauqua, at dinner Friday. Miss Pauline Detraz appeared with the company last winter as accompanist. She is now on a Chautauqua tour in the West.


  As a result of the order handed down by the Indiana Public Service Commission July 31st rates for lighting have been increased from 7 cents to 9 cents per kilowatt hour. All free service to schools, street lights and others will be discontinued. Even the water plant is to pay for what current it gets. All consumers must go on meters and all flat rates are discontinued.

  An exhibit of 65 old time portraits in the window of the Sieglitz Jewelry store is attracting much attention. The collection was made by Joseph Walton, well known local photographer and were given to Opp Sieglitz by Mr. Walton’s daughter, Mrs. Charles L. Kincaid and Mr. Kincaid when they moved to Louisville recently.

  The confectionery of Mr. and Mrs. Munce Graham was bought Tuesday by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cole who took immediate possession.

  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Poston have bought the 270 acre Bakes farm on Indian Creek from Mrs. Albert G. Bakes and her children, Mrs. Poston being one of the heirs. It has been the Bakes homestead for several generations.

  The old stone house on Main Street which is on the lot recently purchased by O’Neal and McKay is being wrecked this week. The good stones have been bought by Frank Riley to be used in his new bungalow.

  David Kern has been employed as baker at the Land Bakery. He gained much valuable experience as a baker during his army service.

  A son was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curry of near Vevay.


  Miss Alpha Boright was painfully injured Thursday when the young horse she was driving became frightened at a water wagon and ran away, throwing her from the buggy.

  Mrs. George Shelley suffered a broken arm and other injuries in a runaway last week when her horse became frightened at the automobile of M. R. Sulzer of Madison which was standing in the front of the home of Joshua Griffith.

  The Vevay Brass Band has been practicing almost day and night for their two days engagement at the Soldier’s Reunion to be held in Vevay August 19th and 20th.

  Alphonso Markland, age about 55, was struck and instantly killed by lightning while at work in his barn at his home near Florence Friday evening.

  Fifteen of Vevay’s citizens including the city administration and local newspaper men spent Wednesday in Carrollton where they inspected the light and water plant which that city has just completed.

  The new Vevay Flour Mill is nearing completion.

  Fred Trinkle has purchased the Ed Martin paint shop on Pike Street.

  Dogs belonging to John Otto and R. N. Williams died of poisoning last week. About 50 dogs have been killed by poison in this city during the past two months.

  During the past week the Ohio River has become so low the larger boats are experiencing difficulty in getting through the chute just below town. Many persons have been coaling during the past week and hundreds of bushels of Black Diamonds have been removed from the Vevay Sand Bar.

  James Manford fell into a saw in the Culbertson Mill near Moorefield yesterday morning and received injuries which will lay him up for a couple of months.

  Fishing in the river at Patriot has been unusually good the past two weeks. George Johnson caught 500 pounds in three days and they weighed from 60 pounds down.


  Vevay has the largest and best wharf boat between Cincinnati and Louisville.

  Captain Robert Graham is making rapid progress on his new ferry boat.

  A dog belonging to Charles Holler developed hydrophobia and was killed. This makes the third mad dog killed in Vevay, the other two belonging to A. J. Elder and Robert Knox, Jr.

  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lineback of Pleasant Ridge, a 10-pound son.

  If you happen to see a small boy chasing a bumble bee you will know when he yells he has caught it.


  The business of Vevay and this county demand a bank.

  A recent visitor to this city has written a lengthy article for publication in this newspaper on the “Wants of Vevay.” He mentions among other things a first class institution of learning, a new Court House, a good flour mill and a decent wharf boat.

  Relatives and friends in the county of Captain and Mrs. John W. Malin were horrified to learn of the tragic death of their little daughter while on board the steamer “Warsaw”, on which the father is captain. The child had gone into a cabin and fell through a hole which the chambermaid used to dispose of refuse into the river and was drowned. The accident occurred at St. Louis.