Patriot News 12/16/2021


  This morning at Patriot Baptist Church they lit the third candle of Advent….The candle of joy, as the feeling of joy sweeps around the nation during the Christmas season, this year we need to take time to say a prayer for those who are not experiencing joy of the moment.

  As many of us know from either watching the television news, reading it online or by word of mouth a deadly band of tornadoes swept across the United States Friday and was the cause of destruction and loss to many.

  On Friday morning the weather services started letting us know that this storm had the possibility of coming our way. We here in Patriot and surrounding areas were blessed to only have some heavy rain,  strong winds and mild power outages. While talking to a dear friend on Saturday I said, I am used to blizzards, lots of snow or even 60 degree days in December, but at 44 I don’t ever remember tornadoes around Christmas, we should all take a moment to remember that everything is possible and weather is ever changing.

  Many of the news stations were reminding people to have a plan in place if they needed to  take shelter from the storm, if you haven’t had this discussion with your family please take time to do so, and it’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit ready. In the next two weeks let’s take time to slow down and remember life is precious, this is the season of giving, if you are able to help please do so.

  If tornadoes in December are uncommon then one of  the most common things is to be with family and friends during the holiday season. Some of the families in town have started celebrating Christmas and other festivities.

  Connie and David Fisk enjoyed a day surrounded by their family not only for an early Christmas but to celebrate the birthdays of their granddaughter Michaela and great-granddaughter Emma. Birthdays are a plenty during December for the Fisk family, Holly Huey and Connie Fisk also have birthdays coming up soon.

  The family had a wonderful day filled with good food, lots of laughter and presents, Merry Christmas and Happy birthday to all of you.

  The Jones family has been out and about this week Pat, Missy, and Mason met Mike and Marlene for dinner and then went and cheered on at the Pacers/Shiner game. Pat and Missy finished up Christmas shopping  in Cincinnati and had a wonderful meal at Longhorn Steakhouse after a busy shopping day. We are getting closer to the 25th and holiday shopping hours are starting to dwindle, please be careful out in the crowds, and remember the perfect gift really doesn’t exist, but memories made will last a lifetime.

  Making memories such as meeting Santa are something children look forward to. On December 18th Patriot will be hosting their community Christmas party starting at 4 p.m. Please bring a covered dish to share. Santa should be making an appearance for all the little ones. Then on December 19th at 6 p.m. Patriot Baptist Church will be holding a birthday party for Jesus, with a variety of things happening to celebrate.

  “ The root of joy is gratefulness”  quote found on Pinterest.

  As we near Christmas let’s take a moment to cherish one another, hold our families a little tighter, love our neighbors, and be grateful for all we have. Let us say a prayer for the families that have lost everything in the past few days, a prayer of thanksgiving for Patriot as we were blessed to have minimal damage, and for all the first responders from all around the country that are heading out to help.

  I hope everyone has a wonderful week, full of joy.