Patriot News 11/18/2021


  There is alway something to celebrate during any given month, from birthdays to anniversaries to major holidays. This month in my family we have at least two of those: birthdays and holidays.

  The next major holiday coming up is Thanksgiving day and it falls on November 25th this year. Thanksgiving for me as like most people has changed as I have gotten older. The days of gathering around the small kitchen table because that is where the children sat, has been replaced with a grocery list, finalizing details as to who is going to be there and what they are bringing. Trying to find the best deals on groceries and hoping beyond hope that you don’t have to make the last minute run to the store because you don’t have enough butter.

  As we get older the amazement of how grandma fed all these people and not seem to be upset or overly busy, turns to I wish I would have paid more attention to how she did things, cause my pie doesn’t taste like hers. I was thinking about adding a recipe but there are millions of recipes out there and everyone should find their favorite one. For me it’s my Grandma Mackey’s pecan pie. I have made this many times and it never tastes the same. As I look back I can’t help but think it wasn’t always about the taste but more about the memories.

  Since moving to Patriot nine years ago I have been blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving with my new family and friends here. If you see or hear someone talking about not having anywhere to go, fix them a plate, open your door. Show what the joys of living in a small town is all about. Friends helping friends, making sure everyone feels at home.

  As we embark on a season of giving, let’s all take time to be thankful for the upcoming things happening in town. Hopefully in the spring a net will be placed at the ball field so that children and adults of all ages can come together to enjoy the summertime sport. The town board is working hard to ensure the safety and well being of the citizens of Patriot. It is in the works of a lending library for school age children in Patriot, once I have more information on that I will pass it along.

  With this time of year one thing that is different is the change in temperature. I know I have mentioned in the past about the number of animals running around town on any given day. Please be responsible pet owners and remember if you are cold, they are cold. Also take time to be aware of any new animals in the area, sometimes we see dogs, cats and other animals running the street. I would like to think that they are always friendly, but many times that is not the case. If you are out and about and come upon an unfamiliar dog or cat, look for an owner and if you cannot find one proceed with caution, they could be scared or frightened, showing caution could save you pain down the road.

  Also let’s remember that sometimes pets escape, if you are knowledgeable of the animal and know where it belongs, if it is comfortable with you take it home. With the nights coming earlier the darkness and fog sometimes makes it difficult to see and if we can help one another by returning a beloved member of the family we should.

  I hope everyone can get out early and get their shopping done for Thanksgiving. Remember it’s not about the turkey, the stuffing or even the pie….. But about the memories we will take with us for years to come.

  Have a blessed week everyone.