Patriot News 07/11/2019


The Patriot 4th of July Festivities are now a thing of the past. Thanks to all who helped make it a success!

  The Sadie Green Family Reunion will be held at the Markland Park this Sunday, July 14th, according to Billie Green. Festivities will begin at noon.

  The next Red HOT Hatter meeting will be held on Thursday, July 19th at 11 a.m. at Jewell’s on Main, Warsaw Kentucky. Everyone is welcome! Red hat and purple clothing are welcome but are not required. Only requirements are to participate in a good meal, have fun and make new friends!

  Belated Happy Red HOT Birthdays to Charlene Goff on July 6th and Shannon Phipps and Colleen Robertson, both on July 9th.

  Prayer List: Erin Schmitt, Eric Simon, Barbara DeNoon, JoAnn Hon, Reverend Steve Ward, Travis Bailey, Sharon Schmitt, Bill Olds, Emilee McKay, Abby Galbreath, Sue Bear, Ellyn Kern and Jerry Brown, Aletha and Owen Heaton, John Campbell, Sharon and Bill Levell, Irvin and Eva Fette, Jake and Mickie Rader and Red HOT Hatters Sandy Dawson, Juanita Giltner, Barb Dowdy, Mary Christiani, Lura Riga and June Lack.

  This week’s recipe is a No-Bake dessert with 10 minutes of prep time and is Delicious:  

TWIX Apple Fluff Salad

10 oz. container of Cool Whip

1 3.4 oz. pkg Instant Vanilla pudding

1/2 cup Milk

4 Green apples

1 – 8-ounce can Crushed pineapple

3/4 cup Mini marshmallows

4 packages TWIX (8 single bars)

Caramel sauce for garnish, optional

  Whisk together vanilla pudding mix and milk. Fold in whipped topping until completely combined.

  Chop apples and TWIX bars into bite-sized pieces; reserve a handful of the TWIX pieces for garnish, if desired. Fold apples, TWIX, pineapple and marshmallows gently into the pudding mixture.

  Refrigerate for two hours. Drizzle with caramel sauce and remaining TWIX pieces before serving. Yields eight.


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