Patriot News 06/10/2021


  A beautiful Friday night, much different from last weekend….. Warm weather while watching our own Pacers little league team play the Reds out of Lawrenceburg. While at the field I caught up with some friends from around town, Kathryn Turner and her family. I also visited with the Thomas family at their yard sale, lots of good sale items. I was able to have dinner while at the game. The concession stand offered a good variety of yummy snacks, my choice was a walking taco, not only was the price reasonable but it was very good and filling. The teams looked like they were having a wonderful time and were even more excited when they got to play a few more innings. If you ever get a chance to come out and support the team please do so. The game schedule for the next week is as follows June 7th, 9th and 16th at 6 in the evening. Show your hometown teams some backing and cheer.

  While chatting with Kathryn and family I was also there to show my love and support for her and Rhonda, at the loss of their beloved dog ‘Ollie’. He was such a wonderfully sweet dog and will be missed greatly. When I heard about Ollie, I started to think about another friendly dog in town, in the next few weeks we will be remembering our beloved town dog Oreo, a few weeks ago while online with a good friend there was noise on my porch and she asked if it was Oreo, I hadn’t told her he had crossed the rainbow bridge and when I did it started me thinking about how loyal he was and how he was always able to bring us all together as a community. As we go into the summer months please remember to love and care for your pets, and teach little ones how to act when around them. There are many animals running around town and with warmer weather it would be a tragedy if someone got hurt because they were unaware of safety measures around animals. It would  also be extremely devastating if someone’s beloved pet was endangered because of someone’s carelessness.

  With the Fourth of July just a few weeks away we are starting to get into crunch time. If you would like to be a part of the celebration, either in the parade, by volunteering  your time or giving a donation to help with the fireworks this year, all help is appreciated. Donations and sign ups can be made at town hall. Please contact Linda Fisk at (812) 594-2243. With the parade and fireworks being set up on the edge of town I have been asked to let people know that the boat ramp at the end of town will be closed from Midnight on July 3rd to Midnight on July 4th, in order to keep everyone safe, and all the parade participants in placement for this years grand parade. Please think about helping out either by volunteering or by a donation, our community spirit comes from all those willing and able to help.

  Volunteering is a wonderful way to get out and serve our fellow men and women. This past weekend  one of the greatest volunteer organizations in town Scout Troop #700 was adventuring in Tennessee. I hope and pray they had a wonderful and safe trip. As a former girl scout I can say I learned a lot about responsibility and teamwork with the organization. I hope the young teens and adults apply what they have learned in the past months to build strong bonds and skills that will last them a lifetime. I cannot wait to hear all about their experience in the great outdoors this coming week.

  Prayer is one of the easiest things we can do for one another. This week we should take time to say a prayer for all those who are grieving, all those who are traveling, and for all those who are having a rough time. We also need to celebrate accomplishments and build each other up. It’s the little words of encouragement that tend to mean the most. Have a wonderful week.