Patriot News 05/25/2022


   Aruzhan left this week to go back home to Kazakhstan. She has been such a blessing to our family and really to everyone who met her. Interacting with exchange students gives one a glimpse into other cultures and also serves as a good life lesson, in that we find that there are good people everywhere. Too often we spend way too much time focusing on ways that we are different from others, when, if we can look past the differences, we find that we have much more in common with others than we do different.

  Aruzhan became very involved in school activities including being on the cross country and track team at Switzerland County High School, as well as a member of the cheer squad. She sang the National Anthem at ball games and also sang in our church. It was sad to see her go, but I was glad that she was able to have this experience, and return safely to her family, friends and homeland. She plans to return in August, and begin her studies at the University of Cincinnati. We are all better people for having known her. Thanks to Patrick, Melissa, Rosa and Mason for opening their homes to Aruzhan and also to Aruzhan’s family for being willing to share her with us.

  Memorial Day Weekend will be this weekend. I used to go to Eastview Cemetery with my grandfather every year to decorate the graves of family and friends. My grandfather would always tell me to pay attention and remember what we were doing because one day he would be gone, and it would be our responsibility to decorate the graves. I know now how important that was. Remember those veterans who paid the ultimate price for freedom and those veterans, family members and friends who have passed on. May their memories endure.

  Pat and Melissa and family threw a going away party for Aruzhan on Saturday evening at their home on Meades Ridge. Many friends and family showed up. The large crowd is a testament to the number of people that Aruzhan touched during her time here. We are so glad that Aruzhan will be back here in August to attend the University of Cincinnati!

  Well, the Patriot Alumni Meeting and Dinner is upon us, as the alumni of Patriot High School will meet on Saturday at 4 p.m. at Switzerland County Elementary School. This annual event, and association remains strong, even though it has been 55 years since the last class graduated from Patriot High School. I know that they will have a great time as they meet to reminisce, and relive the glory days of Patriot High School. The school is no longer there, but the special memories have endured for generations.

  Patrick Jones and Elijah Van Norstran attended the Indiana Grand Masonic Lodge, Annual Communication in Indianapolis on Tuesday. This annual conference is required attendance for every Masonic Lodge in the State of Indiana. The Annual Communication is held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. It is a beautiful limestone building on Meridian Street in Indianapolis.

Everett ‘Snip’ Wiley

at it again

  Snip had some very interesting habits, one was his haircut. He told me once that going to the barber was a waste of money. I asked him how he cut his hair, even though he did not have much hair. His response was a ‘razor’ cut. My grandfather shaved with the Gem Blue Star single edged razors. Snip would ‘get’ one and that was his tool for haircuts. I watched him cut his hair, taking each strand and cutting it with the razor blade. He asked me if I wanted him to cut my hair, I quickly told him ‘no thanks, I go to Mace’ for my haircuts, referring to Mace Uhlmansiek the barber in Rising Sun!

  Snip also told me about his remedy for a sore throat, I may have shared this before, but it was to take a ‘left’ sock, rub Vicks salve on it and wrap it around your throat. I kind of got stuck on ‘left’ and ‘right’ socks! He also recommended eating Vicks salve for a sore throat. The thought of tasting Vick’s salve was not appealing in the least! He also talked about his mother using the ‘miracle drug’, and not penicillin! He was referring to turpentine! He claimed turpentine was good for everything from a snake bite, to curing a cold!

  I think Snip’s other ‘miracle drug’ was whiskey. He said he only used it for ‘medicinal purposes’. I questioned that, and he referred to it as a tonic. Snip seemed to always have a half pint on him, usually Kessler. I am not sure about the benefit of the tonic as he called it, but he sure lived a long life!

  He used to also talk about digging ginseng and also a tree bark that he called wahoo, that had medicinal value. Tom Emery was also into ginseng and wahoo. They used to go looking for it, though not together, they were competitors! I would guess that Snip knew every nook and cranny, creek, hill in Posey Township! When he walked somewhere, he never really traveled the roads, he traveled as the ‘crow files’! Most of his food was animals he caught, wild berries, mustard greens, fish and the occasional can of jack mackerel, liver and onions, etc. He also ate pokeweed, although he cautioned that it had to be cooked properly. He told me that when he was a kid, they always had a couple young groundhogs to cook for Thanksgiving. He also told me a story about when he was a kid, his mother or grandmother had left him and his sibling (s) home one day, and someone knocked over one of her plants and broke it. When she came home, no one would tell who broke it, and she spanked all of them.

  Not sure what the ‘lesson’ is in that story!


  Patrick and Melissa Jones attended the Rising Sun Middle School Band Spring Concert on Thursday evening. Mason plays the trombone in the Rising Sun Band. He will be in the marching band this summer.

  Congratulations to Andy Green of Patriot for being a “Team Member of the Month” award member at Belterra Casino and being selected as the 2022 Team Member of the Year! Andy has worked at Belterra Casino for many years!

  Congratulations to Gracie White of Posey Township on qualifying for the Track regional competition. She was second in the 800-meter run and also third as a part of the 1,600-meter relay team along with Dakota Richards, Brooklyn Flanders and Lauren Smith. Also congratulations to Claire Rogers on qualifying for the regional with a second in the 3,200-meter run. Gracie is the daughter of Pacer Hall of Fame runner Shannon Anders and Eric White.

  Levi Coffin was an American Abolitionist and leader of the Underground Railroad in Indiana and Ohio. Patriot had a connection with the family of Levi Coffin. Reuben Coffin was a pastor of the Patriot Universalist Church which was a key part of the Underground Railroad and William F. Coffin, who was born in Richmond which was close to the Levi Coffin House in Fountain City, Indiana. W.F. Coffin moved to Patriot as a boy, with his mother, Jane Stevenson Coffin. Coffin served in the Ninety-third Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He took part in several major battles. After the war, he returned to Patriot and operated the Coffin House, which was known as one of the best hotels in Southeastern Indiana. More information on the Coffin family coming!

  Congratulations to Jessie Hoagland on getting her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Ross University. Jessie is the daughter of Greg and Angie Mishler Hoagland from Eckerty, Indiana, and the granddaughter of Carol Ann Armstrong of Patriot. Jessie will start working in a practice in Wyoming. Her sister, Josie Hoagland will be graduating from high school this month. Jessie will attend the University of Louisville this fall. Their mother, Angie was a former student of mine at Switzerland County Junior-Senior High School.

  Vera McAlister of North Branch celebrated her birthday this week. Vera is a 1949 graduate of Patriot High School, and a lifetime friend of mine, and my family. You will usually see Vera out mowing her yard, sitting on the front porch, or attending her grandchildren’s sporting events or cattle shows. Vera and my mother talk every evening on the phone!

  I visited with longtime friend Laverne Hayes on Saturday in Rising Sun. Laverne lost her sister, Lorraine Walton a couple weeks ago. They were not just sisters, but best friends and inseparable.

  Thomas Ayres was born in Pennsylvania in 1755. His family moved to New Jersey where he enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777 and served in the Revolutionary War. Ayres was in several key battles in the war. After the war, he moved to Ohio and was married and then moved to Patriot. He lived in Patriot for the rest of his life and was a teacher in the first school in Patriot. Ayres is buried in the Patriot Town Cemetery.

Barries Tidbits

  Happiness is…Meeting with friends after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed. ..unknown.

  This Saturday, May 27th we will all be able to do just that. So, come one come all and join in on the fun and excitement. Doors open at 4 p.m. If you did not make a reservation, bring a sandwich!

  This past week I spoke with a lot of friends: Billie Reese Green who helped me with the class of ‘58 and Donna Robinson Hutton, my gracious hostess for a couple days this coming week.

  A speedy recovery wish to Alice Evans Craig!

  Carolyn Martin Stroobandt, I certainly hope that you and Sara Lynn Peebles Bladen will continue to serve the great Patriot Alumni Association again! You two, along with Patti Shannon Viers have done a terrific job, and everyone appreciates you!

  Reta Minks Sprecher, Diana Minks KInman and their mother, Pearl Rider Minks had a wonderful Mother’s Day at Reta’s home in Florida.

  My dear friend, Arthur Brown will attend the Alumni. A few years back Arthur showed up on a Friday night and no one was there. He still swears to this day that it was canceled that year. Oh no Arthur, it was not canceled!

  I chatted with Babs Huffman Martin and Sharon Bailey Bovard via the Internet.

  The following classes are receiving special recognition this year: 1953 (70 years) 1958 (65 years) and 1968 (55 years) The classes of 1948 and 1963 were posted last week.

  • PHS 1953: 70th: Arbanna Armstrong; Charles Macrander; Wilma Jean McSwain; Lavada Miller; Melvin Pohlkotte; Bertha Powell Ruby Joan Ray: Those no longer with us who have been dearly missed: George Gifford; Paul Jones; Louise Lostutter; Wilbur Poling; Betty Reese; Velma Scudder; Harry Walker, Peggy Wilson; and Joe Reese.

  • PHS 1958: 65th: Craigie Bond; Hazel Evans; Gerald “Jaybird” Griffin; Billie Reese; Dollie Reese; Ida Tice; Eddie Turner; Nancy Wright who no one knows of her whereabouts; Those no longer with us who are dearly missed: Leroy Davis; Lowell Devers; Anna Mae Vallandingham; and Wilma Washnock: The class of 1958 was the first class to graduate without the “Florence Kids” they were to be missed for the duration of Patriot High School. They were transferred to Vevay High. We really missed them.

  • PHS 1968: 55th and the last graduating class of Patriot High School: Rita Bennett; Brenda Coffee; Kerry Craig; Wilford Dickerson; Darlene Hankinson; Rosanna Lyons; Rinda Kinman; Steve McAlister; John Miller; Bonnie Peters; Randall Scudder; Chandra Smith; Gary Stogsdill; George Turner; Brenda Wallick; Pamela Washnock: Those not longer with us who have been missed by all are: Ralph Fitzgerald; and Nancy Martin.

  Though gone, our high school continues to live through all of us. Go Trojans!

Mike’s Closing

  That’s all for this week. Remember to send news to me at (812) 290-3088 or or to Barrie at (828) 335-8270 or Until next week, in the words of Glen Campbell, remember to ‘try a little kindness and shine your light for everyone you meet.’