Patriot News 04/15/2021


 As the spring starts to get into full swing some of the normalcy in Patriot is appearing. It’s nice to see people out and about enjoying the beautiful weather we have had over the week. One thing that has come to my attention while sitting on my porch, is the number of people out on motorcycles, with state route 156 to and from Rising Sun open. I feel we will be seeing a lot more single and group  riders.  With so many people traveling along the road on bikes and motorcycles  we need to remember to keep the roads clear of grass clippings, and  remember basic road safety, we have a number of bends and bumps along the road, by doing something as simple as keeping grass off the road we could save lives.

  Along with adults being on bikes, many children in town are out and about with bicycles, skate boards, scooters and other toys.  We need to pay close attention to side streets, and around the park, baseball field and basketball courts.  In the coming weeks people are definitely going to be out and about more. As we are watching out for children playing in the area I would like to mention the start of baseball season here in Patriot, the boys 10 U baseball team has started practices, Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7 p.m. in the evening with games starting in May,  more information to come in the following weeks. So get out and support our local baseball team.

  Earlier this week it was announced that state route 250 would be closing for repair work, I feel like this has become a yearly summertime thing. Even though road closures seem to be a nuisance  and some of the detours are questionable; they are necessary  for safety and travel. Please be aware of construction crews coming on and off the hill in the next few months.

  The Patriot Water Utility and Town Board would like your feedback, concerning acquiring funding for a project to help in bettering our great town.

  The Town of Patriot is working hard to serve you!

  Our wastewater system is currently in  need of some major upgrades. In our efforts to keep our utility services affordable to our customers, we are requesting grant funds from the Indiana Office of Community Affairs to help pay for the completion of the needed upgrades.

  These grants are very competitive and we need your input to be successful. The more input we have from you, our customer, the better project we will have and the better chance of getting our projected funded… if you have any questions please call utility office (812) 594-2243.

  Questionnaires have been placed throughout town for your consideration.

  While we help to make our town better it is always good to remember where it all  started and the friends and family who may not live here anymore. In today’s world it is nice to know that people can still be involved and in touch with their past, while checking emails this week I received an uplifting message  from Barrie Watters, a past Patriot resident, it’s nice to see that our town news travels far around our great nation.

  Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful productive week. We should all keep praying for one another and keep our town safe and happy.