Patriot News 04/08/2021


 Everyone has heard the saying …… if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes it will change. This could not be more true in Patriot this week, for most of the week the weather was bearable with some overcast moments and a little wind and rain, but alas on April 1st I walked out my front door to the sight and feelings of winter. Snow on April fools day sounds like a cosmic joke, but as I looked around from my front porch I realized it made our town look like a giant snow globe, what a beautiful idea, a town in a snow globe, away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

  As we begin the month of April lots of things are happening. The weather is warming up, and people from all over are hitting the Ohio River for some much needed relaxation, weather it be boating, jet ski’s or fishing on the banks. Remember to get your new fishing licenses, which can be purchased right here in town at Patriot package and B&B Bait and Supplies Stores. Indiana fishing licenses can be renewed for the year starting April 1st, 2021 Then head over to Fisk Grocery to get your much needed snacks for a wonderful day out on the river.

  With the celebration of Easter behind us, many people in town enjoyed having family come to visit. Our family will be visiting in the next few weeks, for some good food, laughs and love. Many families in the community welcomed family back after what seems like and eternity. Gatherings were happening all over town, Connie and David Fisk had their family over for an Easter luncheon, and Betty and Carl Hutchinson celebrated along with family from all over the area, at least three generations where at each celebration. The Patriot Baptist Church had a nice crowd and everyone I saw were all smiles. Blessings were flowing like the river this weekend.

  Amongst the celebration of Easter, a few people were celebrating birthdays, happy birthday to Gary Reed, David Fisk, and Mara Huey who turned one this week. Even though we’ve been celebrating happiness and love this week, please remember to be kind to everyone, many people have experienced loss in the last few weeks, months and year. They may not ask for help during this difficult time, say a prayer for those who are suffering and ask for blessing for those who are celebrating.

  Have a wonderful week, please feel free to email me at if you have anything you would like added to the Patriot and Posey happenings.

  “The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories” — Og Mandino. 

  Just like the thought of a town in a magical snow globe.