Middle School cross country teams are off and running this season


The Switzerland County Middle School boys cross country team earned first place at the Milan Invitational, pre-conference meet. The team finished with a score 45.

Nathan Smith finished fourth overall with a time of 11:56 and Keegan Kincaid was sixth in a time of 12:04.

Braden Burk was 11th with a time of 12:04; Quinn Meyer, 14th with a time of 12:45; Anthony Dennis, 15th with a time of 12:46; Jordan Bledsoe, 26th with a time of 13:36; Zach O’Neal, 32nd with a time of 14:15; Tanner Gray, 36th with a time of 14:39; Damon Robbins, 40th with a time of 15:01; Brady Voris, 51st with a time of 15:59; Brady Scudder, 55th with a time of 17:27 and Tyler Queen, 56th with a time of 17:50.


The Switzerland County Middle School girls cross country team earned sixth place at Milan.

Kelly Kincaid placed 10th with a time of 14:22; Andrea Brogan, 23rd with a time of 15:39; Paige Freeman, 26th with a time of 16:08; Laura Nay, 29th with a time of 16:18; Allie Mathews, 34th with a time of 16:46; Bre Ricketts, 43rd with a time of 17:41; Shea Dickerson, 44th with a time of 17:42; Vickie Abbott, 48th with a time of 18:33 and Ariel Rook, 53rd with a time of 20:56.


The Switzerland County Middle School Pacers earned first place on Thursday, September 7th in a meet, finishing with a score of 23.

Nathan Smith finished third; Keegan Kincaid earned fourth; Blake Whitham finished sixth; Anthony Dennis earned seventh; Braden Burk finished eighth and Quinn Meyer earned ninth.

Jordan Bledsoe, 11th; Zach O’Neal, 12th; Tanner Gray, 14th; Damon Robbins, 15th; Brady Voris, 16th; Michael Douglas, 18th; Josh Yeary, 24th; Tyler Queen, 25th and Brady Scudder 26th.


The Switzerland County Middle School Lady Pacers lost to Madison and Jac-Cen-Del.

Allie Mathews placed sixth; Kelly Kincaid, 11th; Andrea Brogan, 16th; Laura Nay, 17th; Paige Freeman, 21st; Vickie Abbott, 27th; Bre Ricketts; 28th; Shea Dickerson, 33rd; Halie Thomas, 34th; Hannah Slover, 35th and Hayley Christman 42nd.