Markland News 7-9-15


Hey ‘Gang’, hope this finds you all still above water. With all the rain we have had, my garden most resembles a rice paddy and the yard looks like the ‘back-forty’ of a rain forest – but didn’t God bless us with a beautiful holiday weekend?

Saturday evening I sat out on the deck and watched fabulous fireworks shot off by some folks in the neighborhood; they were so beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you neighbors!

Well friends, we have ‘tucked’ June away and we have 2015 on a downhill slide toward a new year; just think, the seventh month already. Whew, time just keeps flying by.

My sister sent me a cute joke (at least, I think it was a joke!) She said she recently had to take a driver’s test and one of the questions on it was a ‘fill-in-the-blank’, which read: “When the ______ is dead, the car won’t start. She wrote in the word, ‘driver’.

Now you couldn’t actually say that wasn’t true but I don’t think that was the answer they wanted. Like I said, I am ‘pretty sure’ she was joking, but with Jo it doesn’t pay to be absolutely sure; anyway, she got her new driver’s license.

The Martins and the Braggs both returned safely from lovely vacations in Florida; Jeanne and Rusty went to Orlando and the Martins (Mike and Mary, Michael and Jessi with boys Elijah, Weston, and Landon (Jessi also took her brother Jake’s little girl Riley and Kym and Dion) went to St. Petersburg. Both families reported they had a great time.

Speaking of Weston (remember he was the great-grandson born [six years ago] with cataracts and glaucoma), we had a bad scare from a doctor’s report; it seemed like he had developed problems with his one good eye. I am so happy (as is the rest of the family) to tell you that after an MRI, the problems were not there. Praise the Lord!

‘Mam-ma’ Mary got an excellent report from her doctor also; she gets to discontinue several medicines and is looking forward to not having to take any medicine at all. She has worked hard to achieve this goal and the family is very proud of her.

We did get some very bad news this past week, Rodney Ledbetter’s dad, Kenny, had a terrible accident with a power saw. Nancy L. said the saw hit something he was working on and ‘bucked’ back into Kenny’s left arm. He sustained a bad injury and the doctor’s are not sure yet if he will lose the use of his arm. Do remember him and wife Debbie in prayers please.

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Paulina Scudder, she was such a wonderful person. Her husband John is in very poor health in the nursing home. Remember the Scudder family in your conversations with the Lord this week.

We have so many grieving families in our community. Remembering these families in your prayers is good and if you can offer some kind of support to the family members (sometimes, just a willingness to listen is what they need) that could bring comfort to them. God is always pleased when we evidence compassion toward others.

Understand I am not speaking as one that God, ‘personally confides’, in, but rather in what He has caused to be written in His Word. In Philippians, Paul tells us that ‘intercessory prayer’ (one person praying for another) has great power; keep using that power for we all are ‘standing in the need of prayer’.

Bob and Ana Slover had the sons, Matt’s and Addam’s families home for big cookout over the holiday. I think she told me Friday but I hope she meant Saturday because Friday was not a very good day for a picnic but maybe they got it in anyway.

Whenever family gets together, there is the prospect of joy, not always realized but always hoped for. Sometimes it seems like the only time families can seem to gather in today’s busy, separated by many miles, world, is at funerals. Such a waste of opportunity, at least that is what I feel. I tell my children that I don’t particularly care if you come to my funeral but I do care for you to visit me while I can still enjoy it.

Friday I went down to Patty Miller’s place for our weekly game of RummyKub, as usual we had a great time trying to beat the stuffing out of each other. This week, I came out the winner. We took a break and sat out on her patio and some neighbors joined us: Sarah Keith, Florence Peters, Sandy Frazier, and another Pat (man next door), not all at once but we kept up a lively conversation until we went back in to resume our game.

It was a real blessing and great joy to see the grocery store up and running again; I sincerely pray (along with many others I suspect) that it stays that way. It reminds me of the woman that was so happy to move in from the country, to walking distance of the grocery. She told me now that when she wants groceries, all she has to do is drive across the street (ok, so I made it up but I still think it was funny.)

Rosalie Waggoner (Melissa Park’s mom) gave us a real scare; she had to be transported to the hospital as ‘non-responsive’. It turned out to be a bad infection and she is home now and getting ready to go visit her daughter in Maine. You go girl!

Gayle Rayles requested our prayers on behalf of her mom who has been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. Don’t forget to remember her caregivers also. So many of us having aging parents that require our attention, love, and care. I saw on TV that us older folks comprise the largest demographic now living in the United States.

My grandchildren, Jessica and Rodney Ledbetter along with Rodney’s mom Nancy, did me a real big favor. Sam and Cyndi gave me an antique wooden desk for my birthday; being wood of course, it weighs a metric ton and has been stored for 20 years or so in garages for all that time.

Well, I finally decided to ‘re-store’ it and needed to get it in the house to work on it – a major challenge but the three of them managed it. I hid my eyes as they struggled to get it up the steps to the deck and into the house; I was afraid it would fall back on them and crush, or at the very least, break a bunch of bones.

They did it and I was so happy to have it in the house finally, now I have to work on it. Mike told me that I would destroy its’ antique value if I did but I told him the only antique that I valued around here, was me. I am only concerned with its’ usefulness. It has nineteen or twenty drawers and cubbyholes; I can stuff all kinds of stuff into them. Anyway that is my next big project.

All this rain has given me some good reading time and I discovered a new author (new to me) that I have certainly enjoyed. His name is Michael McGarrity (the library has several of his books); he is a mystery writer and he really keeps your attention focused on the story.

Nancy Martin is another author new to me; she writes about the Blackbird sisters (also in the mystery section) with humor and a good story. One sister is a ‘wild child’, one is a ‘flake’, and the other is trying to keep the ‘homestead’ together in spite of all the problems that entails and solve the mystery.

Anne Perry has a new book out (something called “Angel Court” or some such – memory mishap) that continues the story of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt. Some talented writers could write can labels and make them interesting and Anne Perry is one of those writers.

Peggy Eckerty asked for our continuing prayer for Joy Briggs; Joy has had all kinds of medical problems and Peggy is so concerned for her.

The damp weather has given Wilma Turner a lot of problems with her arthritis and I suspect, a lot of other folks also. Wilma’s husband Eugene passes away a few years ago and a friend asked her if she was looking for another ‘man’. Wilma said, “No, she already had one.” The friend got all excited and said, “Who is it? Do I know him?” Wilma said, “Probably, his name is Arthur.” Friend asked, “Arthur who, what is his last name?” Wilma replied, “Ritis”!” I laughed my head off when she told me. The friend made a ‘face’ and changed the subject.

My little sister Jo has finally addressed her blood clot problems and the VA (Jo was in the Air Force) is trying to dissolve them with medication. Please remember her also.

Ana Slover, Carolyn Green, and I, all met at Debbie Turner’s home for a game of Bridge (seems like forever since we got a game in) and had a great time. Debbie made homemade lasagna and a spinach salad; it was delicious.

Debbie has also been hosting a water aerobics class once a week that is a lot of fun. Debbie stays on the go; she had some girlfriends over for a holiday luncheon and swim on the fourth.

We have so many on our Prayer Concern list, along with those already mentioned: Joy and Eldric Hazeldean (Eldric is doing very poorly and is in much pain), several unspoken requests (God knows what they are), employment issues, Charlotte Kroening, our church and the upcoming Women’s event (September) and the Kid’s Day (end of July), Unsaved family and friends, Linda White (terrible headaches), Mary’s co-worker, and Mel’s co-worker, and all the victims and their families in the weather catastrophes in our country.

There were many praises and much gratitude expressed to the Lord for His many blessings in several different situations.

All Christians can rely on God and His wonderful promises, for He never changes, and unlike us humans, never goes back on a promise. Of course the answers to our prayers are not always what we think they should be but faith reassures us that His plan is best and eventually works out to our benefit – kind of hard to understand sometimes as we can only see the past and present and not the future but that is where faith kicks in.

Until next time, may God bless you and keep you safe from harm; may He cause His face to shine on you and give you heart peace. Amen.