Letters to the Editor week of 6/28/07


My concerns

To the Editor:

After attending Monday night’s Board of Education meeting where I expressed my concerns about the recent embezzlement, I need to express my same concerns to the public. My concerns to the board are:

1. What policies and/or procedures are in place to prevent embezzling/stealing taxpayers’ money earmarked for the education of our children?

2. What policies and/or procedures are followed when hiring a treasurer who handles 65 cents of every taxpayers’ dollar and operates this important institution of our children’s formal education? Are there required credentials before hiring this treasurer?

3. Our tax dollars which are entrusted to a superintendent for our children’s education have been pilfered! . . . and, our trust violated. As elected board members representing us, what restitution do you expect and demand from this superintendent?

4. At last month’s Board of Education meeting, I heard the superintendent state he accepted the responsibility for this crime. What are the intentions of this board demanding this superintendent be accountable . . . this superintendent was hired to be responsible for our schools . . . will he be terminated . . . relinquish his high-end contract . . . will he pay for the legal fees?

Actually, Monday night, this same superintendent asked the board to approve a policy to do an annual credit check on new employees. Ouch! He is assuming people in a financial crunch will steal from the school. I don’t believe this bandage will heal the wound of the superintendent not doing his job.

This superintendent jumped at the chance after the meeting to shake my hand and stated, “Nancy, come in any time, and I will discuss your concerns with you.” Mr. Superintendent this is too little too late for me. As I told you, I will communicate with my elected board members.

Nancy Peters

Near Vevay

Great support

To the Editor:

Thank you for your support of Relay for Life in 2007. Once again this year individuals in and around Switzerland County have shown their power to fight cancer within our community. By supporting Relay for Life of Switzerland County, you are recognized as a partner in the support of the American Cancer Society’s mission of providing cancer research, education, advocacy, and services.

Supporting the Relay for Life of Switzerland County is a great way to show that you support the fight against cancer within our community. Money raised for the American Cancer Society through Relay is used to fund education, advocacy, service, and research. Nationally, the American Cancer Society has invested more than $2.4 billion in research and provided grant support to 40 Nobel Prize winners. The American Cancer Society invests approximately $120 million annually in cancer research.

Research on national and statewide levels translates into more people surviving cancer in every city and town in Indiana. Because of this and other research, there are more than 9 million Americans alive today who are cancer survivors.

Thank you for helping us win the battle against cancer with your support of Relay for Life.

Roy Duckworth, Event Chair

2007 Relay for Life

Switzerland County, Indiana

Tobacco free

To the Editor:

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your saying what I have been thinking since I moved down here about smoking on school grounds. I understand that it is a horrible addiction to break but school grounds by their very nature are full of kids who both mimic what they see and get unfiltered smoke exposure. Study after study shows the effects of second hand smoke so anything to prevent me from having to walk through a smoke cloud is appreciated.

Of course, a first step to the “smoke free campus” idea would be to enforce the “no tobacco products for students” rule. I have heard from many teens about folks who chew in class and use a cola bottle as disguise.

I also want to say that I was dismayed at the Relay to see several walkers smoking in the infield. I just hope they do not become an “in memory of” luminary.

Greg Fillenwarth


Bible shipping

Dear Editor:

I wanted to thank the community for the overwhelming response to our son’s request for Bibles. I have received all kinds of new and beautiful used Bibles of all sizes. I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Ross is a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa. The pastor who Andrew lives with, Mr. Solomon Chewane, had made a special request for Bibles for the people in his village.

I don’t know how to exactly go about this, but the shipping of these Bibles is going to cost quite a bit. For an 11 pound box of Bibles, it is going to cost $37. I have found that to be the best rate and I have many boxes that need to be shipped. I am thinking that if the different churches in our community want to be in charge of covering the cost of one box per church that would really help out.

I really wanted this project to be a community effort because that would have so much more meaning than just sending money to buy Bibles. To me this is a more personal and meaningful approach.

Please contact me at 812-427-3152 to help with the shipping of these Bibles. I look forward to shipping all of these Bibles as soon as we can. Andrew will be returning in October of 2007, so I would like to have this project completed by then.

Barbara Fletcher