Letters to the Editor week of 10-1-09


9Editor’s Note: Following is a letter from Bob Bischoff to INDOT Commissioner, Michael Reed, which should be of interest to our readers.)

Bischoff on 129

Dear Commissioner Reed:

An enjoyable part of my work as a state representative is to be supportive to things that have a positive impact on the quality of life in our communities. However, an important aspect of my work is to be aware of those things that impact aour communities in a negative way and try to fix them. State Road 129 is one of those things that is having a negative impact and needs to be fixed.

Since the closure of the Madison-Milton Bridge to heavy traffic, a large volume of trucks have been using State Road 129. As you may kow, there is a grade and curve that is seen by many as dangerous. This is evidenced by the fact that least five semi-trucks have flipped over while heading north on this road. Fortunately, there have not been any fatalities associated with these accidents, but these accidents close the road for hours and cause delays and frustrations that can result in dangerous driving.

I am requesting that INDOT reevaluate this stretch of road. Although it had been evaluated as acceptable for large trucks, the evaluation has not proven true in practice. If you recall, there were similar problems with IN 56 and IN 156 in Aurora. Slow down areas and other safety measures were put in place when that stretch of road proved to be dangerous.

I am asking that INDOT please look at the area and come up with a solution to the problem quickly before we experience a fatality.

Robert J. Bischoff

State Representative

House District 68


To the Editor:

Thanks for the thank you in the “Good For You” acknowledgment in last w eek’s paper. However, I can take very little credit.

Less than a month ago as I was cleaning up around my work shop I prayed and asked that if there be a need for this wheelchair ramp that it be (revealed) before winter.

It w s our very own Pat Lanman who became aware of the need and who notified the Long Run Brotherhood Association. At our monthly meeting we voted to do this project.

A greater thanks goes to Gretchen Knox for donating the ramp in memory of Charlie.

But the greater thanks goes to God for orchestrating and answering my prayer and the prayers of Willliam Beach.

Since this awarded Subway sandwich can’t be divided 50-60 ways, I ask that this sandwich be given to someone else – at the employees’ discretion. Thank you.

George Altepeter