Letter to the Editor ‘Dog Concerns’ 04/29/2021


Dog concerns

To the Editor:

  Just for Florence residents to be aware of . A couple of weeks ago we let our dogs outside for the ‘needs’. The younger one goes on a leash; while the other one is an almost 10-year old full blooded Samoyed — a gentle baby.

  The mail carrier delivered our mail. My husband saw him and heard the mailbox lid shut after the mail was left. He also saw our dog mosey out towards the mailbox area, but still in our yard. She’s slowed down in her older years.

  The carrier never got out of the vehicle, and as soon as he shut the mailbox door, he reached down in the vehicle, brought out a can, and sprayed our dog in her face, and then he drove away quickly.

  Our Samoyed was sprayed with mace and she struggled to see our of her squinting eyes. Worried, especially since she’d had eye surgery a few months prior, I called our vet and was advised to rinse her eyes with water and eye drops; and if it wasn’t cleared up by the next day, to take her to be checked. (After multiple rinses, she’s okay.)

  I called to speak to the postmaster, and was told he was out and was told he would call me once he got in. No call was returned. I called back the next afternoon, and spoke with the postmaster, and he’d talked with the carrier and as expected, would not even consider that the carrier acted without reason. He said our dog became aggressive and that the carrier was afraid and was in the right.

  So, Florence residents, watch your fur babies/dogs, and although they are within your property boundaries, they could be “labeled” aggressive and maced.

Ginger Del Vecchio,