Letter to the Editor 07/18/2019


Against free stuff

To the Editor:

  In the July 4th, 2019 edition of the Vevay Reveille, I read an article about free meals added for junior high students. This article infuriated me on many levels, but I will address the obvious one; but first I would like to thank the Switzerland County School Superintendent, Mr. Rod Hite, for turning and introducing our students and parents into Socialists and enslaving them.

  Economically, he is teaching the children that everything they need, someone else will pay for; then in the article Mr. Hite states to be sure and fill out the forms to keep the program going the full four years. Does anyone really believe it will stop there?

  There’s an old saying, “The closest thing to eternal life on this earth is a government program.” What happens when the money runs out? Then the parents and children are hooked and enslaved to the free stuff.

  Then he states if you have more than one child you can save $1,000 per year. What if you have no children enrolled? I guess you are out of luck and have to pay for the free stuff.

  It will end when the experts run out of other people’s money!

James Rush,