It’s time to Rise Up


By Tim Hillman,

Rising Sun Editor

Easter is a time for Christians to rise up.

Many believe but don’t attend church except for twice a year (also Christmas).

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I’ve made 15 trips to Haiti since 1999 and you can see the spirit each and every Sunday of those who attend church. Even those in the community recognize missionaries and visitors for showing concern for them and their country.

They may not be baptized but they believe that God has sent the many missionaries and guests to show that He cares for them.

Once I helped push a car that was out of gas. The man in perfect English told be “God will reward you for what you have done for me today.”

This past Friday I went to the Rising Sun Methodist Church B.O.B.B. Fish Fry. Money donated will help church members go to St. Johns Island to help a less fortunate community.

B.O.B.B. stands for “Builders of Biblical Beliefs.” They raise funds to purchase the materials needed for the construction projects they will be working on during their week-long stay in South Carolina during the summer.

Between 25 to 30 volunteers from the area churches and the community (most but not all from the United Methodist Church) make the trip and are divided up among several work sites.

They do a variety of work such as exterior painting and repair, remodeling (sometimes from the floor-joists to the ceiling!) new build projects, widening doors and installing ramps for handicap accessibility, roofing and installation of new flooring, trim work and appliances.

The money raised by the group goes toward purchasing building materials, furniture, accessories, cleaning supplies and other items needed by the impoverished homeowners.

There are plenty of good things done in God’s name but often we remain divided by the church we attend – Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, Christian, Wesleyan, First United, Shiloh or others.

Rising Sun has a community Good Friday service tomorrow (Friday) at 6:30 p.m. (no more noon service). Aberdeen Methodist Good Friday Service is at 7 p.m.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter, even if it’s just some quality time with your children hunting Easter eggs.