Florence News 5-1-14


The Florence and Friends Relay For Life Team had a good pancake and sausage breakfast fundraiser at the Florence Firehouse on Saturday. Members Glenda Sullivan, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Mike Johnson, Cora Fox, Shannon Jackson and Corinne Martin worked hard to make a great breakfast. Others who donated to the cause were Cindy Laib, Burnie and Gladys Hunt, Beverly Stoops, Chuck and Alberta Pickett and Patty Chase. Alberta and Patty were in East Enterprise working on the election so Cora Fox brought enough pancakes and sausage for all that were working  and got a nice donation. Thanks to all who worked and to all who helped support our team.

Jerry and Bernice Chase from Belmont, Ohio came in for Jeff Peelman’s funeral. They were staying at my house. Sunday, Peggy Sullivan, Jerry, Bernice and Patty went to Carrollton for dinner at Down on Main.

Robin Lawson, Janet Kent, Gretchen Knox, Annette and Abby Deno, Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith, Gertrude Voris and Glenda Sullivan visited Faye Lewis this week.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Randy and Lorraine Brown, Ryan Brown, and Gail Ann Clements stopped in carrying gifts. She always has pictures of her grandson Elijah that Margaret Lee enjoys. Margaret Lee got a nice call from Logan Bovard from California.

Our community has lost a good friend and neighbor. Jeff Peelman, a well known East Enterprise gentleman was a good friend to all and will be missed. Sympathy to Brenda, Jeffrey, Jeremy and families.

Sympathy also to the Lou Lester family and the Happy Pike family.

Get well prayers for Linda Jewell Jones. She had a cancerous colon tumor and is recovering at her mom, Betty Hargrove’s home, waiting on the test results.

Sally Thompson had a bad fall and is still in a coma after surgery for a brain bleed at University of Louisville Hospital. Betty Chase had a bad fall and broke her leg. She will be laid up for quite a while. Prayers also for Frances Pike as she is scheduled for hip surgery in Cincinnati. Also, on the prayer list are David McFadden, Paulina Scudder, Barb Covington, Rick Wainscott, Dale Day, Sonny Peters, Wilma Turner, Pete Lowe and Mary Moore.

Happy Birthday remembrance for my dad Scott Jewell on the 28th and for my niece Bobbie Ann Bowman Thomas on the 30th.

I just got a call that my Mary Kay senior director of over 30 years passed away. I will really miss Rosalind Evans of Mitchell.

Don’t forget to get out and vote. It’s your right to choose. I have several political signs in my yard that the wind keeps blowing over. I know I cannot vote for all of them but it’s my way of supporting all my friends.

Easter weekend at the home of Errol and Jill Judy started on Saturday with birthday celebrations for two of their granddaughters. Isabel turned five years old on April 28th and Mallory will be eight years old on May 2nd. The remainder of the day included food preparations, mushroom hunting, creek exploring and decorating eggs. 

On Easter Day the guests of Errol and Jill for an afternoon meal were Phil and Crista Burbrink and children Mason, Mallory, Isabel and Julia, Gerald and Debby Barnes, Tina Harrod, Wesley, Ragina, and Avery Poling, Levada Bladen, David and Rachel Schuler, Ashley Poling, Andrew Craig and sons Mason and Carson, Shonda Leap and children Nathan and Kaylee.

Later in the day, Errol visited and also took food to Kenny Lauderbaugh at Swiss Villa. Everyone enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and had lots of fun socializing.