Florence News


 Good morning from the Florence area. Its a beautiful day as I write the news on Monday. Mary Archer, Carolyn Hysell, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan enjoyed Saturday night supper at McDonald’s and later ice cream in Warsaw, Kentucky.

  Patty and Glenda took a treat to the Waters of Clifty for Tracy Seale (Glenda’s niece) and Chuck Pickett one day one day and they still didn’t get to visit them. Tracy called Glenda to thank her and said the treats were really good.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visited patty Chase and of course Patty had a list of little repair jobs for Denny. He got them done as usual. Happy birthday to Danna Lee (Jackson) Adams. Danna Lee is Inky and Danny Jackson’s daughter and lived in Florence for many years. I don’t know where she lives now.

  Mary Archer fixed a delicious supper for Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase a couple of weeks ago. She is a great cook and likes to share with her neighbors. Thanks Mary!

  Our get well wishes go out to Wendy at AJ’s restaurant. We really miss her. Hope she is well soon. Also well wishes for Carolyn Lowe and Ken Byars.

  Sympathy to the family and friends of Georgia Jewell. Georgia is my step mother. Sympathy also to the Mavis Uhlmansiek and Mary Catherine McManis and Ron Brunner family.

  On Friday afternoon Cindy Gets of Greensburg visited Carolyn Lowe and Glenda Sullivan. As usual while in Vevay Cindy wanted pizza and breadsticks from Roxano’s. Her wishes were filled.