Florence News 12/03/2020


 The Church of Christ of Florence will have a Christmas Concert featuring Tom Shelton tonight (Thursday, December 3rd) at 7 p.m. Social distancing and masks are encouraged for all that attend.

  Bonnie and Roy Duckworth had Thanksgiving dinner with Randy, Michelle, Kaden and Kirsten McClure and Cage Cunningham in Hanover.

  Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport had Thanksgiving dinner for Jeanette, Squeaky and Christy Knaus, Addie Hinman, Clayton and Devin Seale and Glenda Sullivan. Later that afternoon Richard and Janet took their daughter, Tracy Seale a dinner to the Waters Nursing Home at Madison.

  Saturday morning breakfast at Granny’s was enjoyed by Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan. Nadine Swift dropped in for a short time for a cup of tea.

  Beverly Davis of Madison visited with Carolyn Lowe Saturday afternoon.

  The Church of Christ at Florence had a Thanksgiving pitch-in dinner Sunday after church.

  Rod and Angie Chase had a good Thanksgiving dinner for Denny Chase, Rick Chase, Justin Chase, Nathan Chase, Taylor Adams, Chris, Chrissie and Ethan Stewart.

  Patty Chase visited them in the evening and they saved her some dinner. Really good. Patty visited with Linda Jones and Fairway Inn on her way home.

  Get well to Brenda and Jacey Peelman.

  Eddie Gregory was not feeling well on the weekend and was in the hospital. Debbie said he may be home today (Monday).

  Sympathy to the Leo Hammond family, Earl Holmes family and Donnie Pavy family.