Florence News 11/10/2022


  Hello from Florence. My company last week was Glenda Sullivan, Denny Bowman and others. Linda S. Jones visited this morning and brought her news. Glad to get that. Glenda had a nice visit in Vevay with Earl and Jerilyn Vanwinkle last week. Mary Archer also visited.

  Linda S. Jones and brother Emerson Jr. went to Madison shopping on Thursday and enjoyed a meal at Bob Evans. Emerson Jr. is in visiting from Seneca, Illinois near Chicago.

  On Friday, Dale and Christy Dixon and Linda S. Jones went to Madison to shop and had a meal at Bob Evans.

  On Sunday a retirement party was held for Stephen Cole at the beautiful home of Amber and Clinton Cole in Rising Sun. Stephen worked for Cincinnati Incorporated, Inc. for around 43 years. Clinton and Amber provided delicious grilled and other foods and decorations. Those in attendance were: Stephen Cole, Carla Stillwell, Linda S. Jones, Emerson Jr., Dale and Christy Dixon, Thomas and Caleb Cole, Matt, Victoria, Paige, Paxton and Preslie Werner. Clinton and Amber did a great job honoring their dad Stephen. We congratulate you Stephen on your retirement and hope you enjoy your gifts. Your family loves you.

  Joey and April Miller have moved into their new home this past week on McCreary’s Ridge. It sets in a pretty wooded area.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Judy Lozier, Nancy Johnson, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth had Sunday lunch at Mo’s.

  Sympathy to they Sherry Branham Wheeling family.

  Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison gave Glenda her lunch order on Friday. Tracy’s company during the week has been Clayton and Devin Seale, Richard and Janet Sullivan, Squeaky and Jeanette Knaus.

  Happy Birthday to Carolyn Lowe and Richard Sullivan.

  Hope you voted, Hope you changed your clocks and hope you didn’t get blown away with all of the wind on Saturday.