Florence News 06/06/2019


Margaret Lee Weidmann told me about the program that was on TV on Memorial Day night about the group called Point Du Hoc that Bob Brown was in during World War II. All his family got together and watched that program.

  Cheryl Messmore visited her mom Margaret Lee over the Memorial Day holiday. Other company was: Jason Messmore and wife Terri, Ronnie and Lois Ackerman, Kay O’Neal, and Jerilyn and Earl Van Winkle.

  Ken and Sylvia Byars, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Karen and David Wentworth, Nancy Johnson and Judy Lozier, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met at Madison Ponderosa Sunday after church for dinner. Peggy Chase Sullivan came over from Austin to join them later.

  The Memorial Day program at the Vevay Courthouse was very nice.

  Glenda went to visit Tracy Seale at the Waters at Madison and took her a slushy from McDonald’s. Clayton and Devin Seale visited Tracy Saturday night with Chinese food and her mom and dad Richard and Janet Sullivan would be there Sunday night with supper. Judy and Steve Malone visit Tracy often as well.

  Charles and Loretta Westrick’s (both deceased) boys came in from Dallas, Texas and Louisville to visit Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan and other friends and family in Carrollton two weeks ago. Steve, Jon and David. It was really good to see them.

  Get well wishes for Beverly McDole, Sharon Bear Le Masters, Steve Fritter and Virginia Turner.

  Bonnie Duckworth attended the school staff celebration for Mona Crabtree’s retirement at Jewel’s on Main in Warsaw. Congratulations to Mona.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had lunch with Denny and Mary Lou Bowman at Granny’s to celebrate Denny’s birthday on June 2nd.

  Mike Johnson, Judy Lozier and Nancy Johnson (Judy’s sister) had a nice dinner in Florence, Kentucky last week.

  Debbie Gregory visited Patty Chase a couple of days last week and they enjoyed sitting on the porch swing and talking about people (anyone’s ears burning?) Debbie brought me roses from her yard and some cake she made. It was good. She also brought some cake to give Glenda Sullivan, thanks. Debbie also told me that Gracie Gregory their granddaughter made 8th grade cheerleader at Rising Sun School. Good for you Gracie.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth enjoyed company at Hardy Lake on Friday through Sunday.

  Betty Hargrove had cataract eye surgery on Tuesday.

  Linda Jones, Betty Hargrove, PJ Jones, and Annie and kids went to Florence Mall to celebrate PJ’s birthday.

  Betty and Linda met with Debbie Barnes at Bob Evans for breakfast on Wednesday.

  Jason and Jasmin Jones stayed the night with Betty and Bud Hargrove Friday just because they wanted to.

  Happy birthday to Tiffany Rininger and Denny Bowman.