Florence News 05/25/2023


  Hello my friends this beautiful Monday morning. Glenda is writing the news for me. 

  My visitors this week were: Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Marilyn Owen (a resident) and Glenda Sullivan. My roommate Ona Holiday, had an old friend from the Madison area stop in Sunday afternoon. She brought Ona flowers from the yard of when Ona and her were neighbors. It meant a lot to Ona.

  Sympathy to the family of Lorraine Walton and family of David Hewitt.

  On Sunday Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Judy Lozier, Jack Kells, Nancy Johnson and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at the 88 King Buffet in Madison.

  On Wednesday Patty received a call from Nadine Swift. She was in Harrison, Ohio. It was great to hear from her. Glenda was here at the time and got to say “hi” to her.

  Get well thoughts and prayers for Joan Gullion, Opal Coates, Florence Peters, Cindy Gets and Ramona Miller.

  Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison was feeling lots better on Friday and was ready for a lunch drop-off, her Diet Coke, and a visit. She still had a bad cough from the bronchitis. Her plans were to go to her home near North Vernon on Sunday for a cook-out but her husband was sick.

  Last Sunday she was sick, this Sunday Clayton was sick so they will try a third time next Sunday. Hope the Seale family gets feeling better this week.

  Be safe, be kind and enjoy the week.