Commissioners get update on county aerial photography


The Switzerland County Commissioners met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday night, March 4th.

Here’s a rundown of what transpired:

– A presentation was given by Trent Pell from the company Pictometry. The company is under a six-year contract with the County to take property pictures from the air every two years.

The Commissioners wanted an explanation of why this was needed that often. Joan Armstrong, Assessor for Switzerland County, said the pictures were very important for her office. She explained that there are several landowners that are building cabins on their property without permits, therefore not being assessed for property taxes.

The pictures are also used for the Sheriff’s office, EMT’s, and the Planning Department. Trent Pell also told the Commissioners that they would take pictures over a 200 square mile area if a natural disaster should hit the County.

The Commissioners were then in agreement to continue with Pictometry for the six-year contract.

– The Commissioners approved the purchase of a 2011 International Distributer Truck at the price of $85,000. This truck will be used to spray oil on the roads and eventually be used for road repair with a chipper attachment.

– Fred McAlister was awarded the contract to replace the Dry Fork Bridge . The Commissioners signed the ‘Notice to Proceed’, with the agreement that the bridge work will start in the near future.

– Commissioner Steve Lyons reported that he met with Jon Bond to discuss lighting, signage, and the road closure at the Markland Industrial Park.

– Randy See, EMS Director, ask the County to use an area of the Markland Industrial Park to land emergency helicopters. The Commissioners approved this request and advised the Highway Department to paint a white circle for the landing area.

– The County will be advertising for lawn care bids for the Medical Building grounds.

– The Commissioners agreed to let the Community Foundation award the Endowment Grant of $18,500 to a non profit organization of its choice.

– An ordinance from the local Homeland Security Department was tabled by the Commissioners.

– Ceiling repairs are needed on the second floor of the Courthouse. The Commissioners advised Bruce Williams to check into having the hallway fixed by a County employee.

He will also keep an eye on water damage, due to leaks, before the entire ceiling will be painted and repaired.

Other projects, to be done by the County employees, include: installing a privacy fence around the dumpster at the new County Tech Building, and replacing the mulch with stone in the rose garden.

– Chris Clerkin was instructed to haul away metal file cabinets to the scrapyard. The County will also contact the SISWD to remove old, broken, computers from the Courthouse basement.

– The Commissioners agreed that they would like to meet with various County Departments to discuss purchases before money the is spent.

- Rosemary Bovard