City closes out year with funds going to county


The Rising Sun City Council met in its final session for 2017 with a special meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 19th.

Council passed Resolution 2017-10 to send funds to Ohio County in the revenue sharing program since more funds came in from the riverboat casino.

In other business, the county has agreed to put $2500 into the Spay and Neuter program.

The meeting centered around health benefits and provisions with policy holder MedBen. Cobra rates were reviewed and everyone had to sign nepotism compliance forms.

Ordinance 2017-17 closed out the year with a year end additional appropriation.

Clerk-treasurer Rae Gipson was given approval to use money out of this year’s budget to pay for a new computer server for $14,500 and terminals for $8000.

Mayor Brent Bascom looks to the city moving forward next year with a Main Street feasibility study and Community Crossing Grant projects.

Thank you from the family of Betty Bondurant for the city’s Lift Up Thine Eyes in her memory. She served as dispatcher for several years. Betty Bondurant.

The council gave $100 to the Ohio County Community Foundation honorary fund in honor of Dale Shultz, longtime park board member who passed away.

Mayor Brent Bascom said he will donate $100 from his mayoral fund to the Dearborn County EMS in honor of Dearborn County Commissioner Kevin Lynch. He served as president of OKI (Ohio Kentucky Indiana) which has benefited Rising Sun.