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Sunday, June 16, 2024

To the Point for 2/3/05

ONE OF THE WONDERFUL THINGS about living in a small community like Switzerland County is that you get the chance to meet and get to know many different characters.

To the Point for 1/27/05

IT WAS 60 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK, and for many of us that qualifies it as a distant memory.

To the Point for 1/20/05

IT RAINS, IT SNOWS, IT RAINS AGAIN. When the rain stops, it gets cold and the moisture freezes and turns to ice. It’s becoming a winter weather pattern here in Switzerland County — and quite frankly I’m sick of it.

‘To the Point’ for 1/13/05

THE WATER KEEPS RISING, and all along the Ohio River people keep wondering about the weird and strange weather that we’ve all been suffering through.

‘To the point’ for 1/6/05

A NEW DAY DAWNED IN INDIANA this week, as new Governor Mitch Daniels and a Republican-controlled statehouse began work in the spirit of cooperation and progress. It didn’t take long for our new governor to take a hotly-contested issue on with full force. Governor Daniels has endorsed a proposal for the entire state of Indiana to adopt Daylight Savings Time — although parts of the state set in two time zones. Under the plan, most of Indiana would “spring ahead” and “fall back” with the eastern part of the U.S.; while the western corners of the state which include Gary and Evansville and other communities would stay in line with Chicago.