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To The Point 11-8-12

FIRST OF ALL, it's good to be back writing my column again. I could take the time to explain where it's been the past couple of months, but it involves "newspaper stuff" and deadlines and such, so I'll just leave it at "It's good to be back".

To The Point 8-30-12

THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY sad about an empty park.

From my vantage point on the south side of Market Street, each year about mid August I get to look out my window and see the trucks and trailers and pieces of equipment move into the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park as the annual Swiss Wine Festival begins to take shape.

To The Point 8-23-12


Every week there are people who pass from this life, and every time they leave loved ones behind who grieve for them and for each other. The pages of this newspaper list names and accomplishments of those people, along with the names of family members and others who were important in their lives.

To The Point 8-9-12

ALL SORTS OF INTERESTING thoughts as I, like many of you, watch sports I've never heard of from the Olympics:

Did you know that American Olympic athletes who win medals have to pay taxes on their value?

To The Point 8-2-12

TRANSITIONS. THEY ARE ALL around us, although many times we either don't see them or we don't recognize them.

To The Point 7-12-12

IF YOU'RE AN AMERICAN, then last Wednesday should be one of your favorite days of the year.

To the Point for 7-5-12

IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING a busy summer?

To the Point for 6-28-12

THERE ARE TIMES WHEN WE as a community look around at national statistics and think things like, "Thank God we don't live in a big city with all of those problems."

To the Point for 6-21-12

AS WE ROLL INTO SUMMER (Can anyone believe that June is more than half over?) I can't help but think about some upcoming events that could experience some problems as the economic downturn churns on.

To the Point for 6-14-12

It is more than a disease. It is more than the source of a statistic. It is more than the money we raise or the shirts we wear.