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Monday, July 22, 2024

To The Point 12-28-17

Being a part of the local newspaper means that I get to wear a lot of hats. Yes, I write stories and take pictures; but I'm also in the rotation to take the trash out; have been known to work on the bathroom toilet a time or two; I've shoveled the sidewalk; and delivered a copy of the paper to a subscriber who didn't get their issue on a particular day.

To The Point 8-17-17

In the aftermath of the horrendous events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, in recent days; we as a nation and as a collection of shared humanity; must begin to open our eyes to the hate and frustration that surrounds us.

To The Point 6-22-17

Switzerland County took a big step towards dealing with a growing problem last week when a community meeting was held to begin discussions about the rising drug abuse problem here and in surrounding counties.

To The Point 12-22-16

WELL, HERE WE ARE. It's just days until Christmas.

To The Point 10-6-16

There is no place that has more caring and concerned and loving members of its community than here in Switzerland County.

To The Point 12-24-15

WELL, HERE WE ARE, it's Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow (Friday, Christmas Day) will mark the end of a frenzied and hurried period of 31 days that has seen people get up at 3 a.m. and stand in the cold waiting to get into a store; others rush around trying to get their normal work done while trying to mail Christmas cards and bake Christmas goodies and attend Christmas parties.

To The Point 12-25-14

YOU'RE READING THIS ON or around Christmas Day, and as we all pause for a moment to celebrate the holiday; I think it's important that we also take some time to appreciate and celebrate this community and the people in it.

To The Point 11-13-14

Dear Lauren Hill:

You don't know me, but - in fact - you don't know the vast majority of people around the world who are watching your story and praying for your health.

To The Point 3-6-14

On Saturday night, April 5th, students from Switzerland County High School will travel across the river to General Butler State Park in Carrollton for this year's prom.

To The Point 1-23-14

This Saturday night and Sunday afternoon there is going to be a musical play performed in the cafeteria at Switzerland County High School.