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Thursday, February 29, 2024

A Stones Throw 9-8-16

I have to admit, before this year's Olympic Games, I had never heard of Simone Manuel. After the Olympic Games, I would probably not have heard of Simone Manuel if she hadn't been discussed, displayed, and touted as the first African American woman to win a gold medal in swimming.

A Stones Throw 9-1-16

Ziva. The Beach Boys. The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sometimes the mind does strange things when different thoughts are linked together. Those who know me are seldom surprised with the direction my mind goes at times. For instance, today I started thinking about Ziva (Yes, Ziva is the name given to our new rescued German Shepherd.), the Beach Boys, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A Stones Throw 8-25-16

The Olympic Games of 2016 are history.

I have to admit I didn't watch a lot of the games, but what I did watch I really enjoyed. It would be easy to write a column about Michael Phelps,

A Stones Throw 8-18-16

Hi Shadow.

I know you and the rest of the Cooney Canine Clan are watching over us down here. By now you have probably watched the latest addition to the family as she gets acquainted.

A Stones Throw 8-11-16

Last Sunday was supposed to be a sports junkie's dream. The Cincinnati Reds had an afternoon game scheduled with the Pittsburgh Pirates followed by a game between the best team in baseball - the Chicago Cubs - and the Oakland A's.

Nominations sought for County Hall of Fame

Switzerland County will be inducting its second class into the Switzerland County Athletic Hall of Fame this fall, and nominations are now being accepted for athletes to be considered for inclusion.

A Stones Throw 8-4-16

I remember Flo Jo.

I remember the long, lithe legs that moved Flo Jo with the grace of a gazelle, the speed of an antelope, the strength of a Bengal Tiger. I remember the long, polished fingernails, the face of a model, a softness that belied her fierce competitive nature.

A Stones Throw 7-28-16

The Indianapolis Colts should sign running back Ray Rice to a 2016 contract.

A Stones Throw 7-21-16

I wasn't asleep. But then, I wasn't really awake either.

I wasn't dreaming, but I was at that stage where it was hard to tell the difference between a dream I couldn't control and fantasy thinking that I could control.

A couple of years ago I walked into a grocery store ready to do some less than serious shopping. As I went for a grocery cart I heard a young woman literally pleading with her two young children to calm down. I heard her say "It's MaMa's birthday. Please settle down."