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Reflections of the past for 1/20/05

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Reflections of the past for 1/13/05

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Vevay in 1840

In an article published recently in the Vevay Times, Mrs. A. L. Ruter Dufour, a former resident of Vevay, now of Washington City, thus cleverly sets forth her recollection of the town, as it appeared about the year 1840, or little more than 44 years ago. She says: “Almost the half of a century has elapsed since we first set foot on the soil of Vevay. It may be pleasant to many of our friends to retrospect the past in the business department of the ‘auld lang syne’ of your city. The two journals then existing in this place were the Vevay Times, published by Isaac Stevens, and the Indiana Palladium, published by J. G. Fanning and John McCormic.

Reflections of the past from 1/6/2005

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