57.2 F
Vevay, Indiana
Thursday, September 29, 2022

Markland News

Hello friends, isn't the sunshine (Tuesday morning) gorgeous? Of course, by the time you are reading this, the sun is supposed to be long gone; though they, (the official forecasters) have been known to be off a little, at least by an inch or two.

Florence News

It has been beautiful weather for January.

Bennington News

I was under the weather for a few days and did not get any news written but Carla helped me out one week which was nice of her, but wouldn't you know she left some people from the Christmas guests who were a t Steve and Teresa's house, so I am going to put them in this week after all.

Markland News

Hello friends, here it is, a brand new year; I hope you resolved to do something different this year, something that will improve your life.

Allensville News

Emerson and Marcella Cole of near Fairview entertained with a Christmas Day dinner. It was a pitch-in as everybody brought something and everything w as delicious.

Tapps Ridge News

Hello, friends.

We stopped by to wish Ed James and family a Merry Christmas.

Florence News

I read the story about Molly Buttons and could not stop until I read the outcome. It was a sad story but had a happy ending.