Bennington News 1-31-13


Well it’s been a long time since I have had anything in the paper so I thought I had better get busy.

I will try to put a few thoughts down to play catch up with what has been going on.

Bob and I go to Cross Plains a lot up to Ray’s Store and have breakfast after church on Sunday. There is always a group in there eating and catching up on all the local happenings of the past week.

We about always see Happ Chandler in there so we visit for a while and it’s always so interesting. Some of the conversations we have about always get around to antiques and history. Happ knows a lot about each.

We took Bill Madison with us last week as it was his birthday and we thought we better treat him as he does a pretty good job preaching to us.

I just saw Bill Carpenter in Vevay this week. He told me he had a mini stroke and has some blockage that he was going to get taken care of. So Bill, here’s wishing you good luck and God bless.

It has been a very sad fall for the Bovard family as the kids lost their dad on December 1 5th. He put up a very strong battle for a lot of months. May he rest in peace.

It seems as though Bennington Pike is not a healthy place to be or I guess we’re all getting older and accidents are just happening.

First Irene Martin fell and broke her hip and then Sue Claxton, then Nettie Blodgett, then Ruby McMackin and of these folks Nettie did not make it. She suffered a heart attack and passed away at King’s Daughters’ Hospital and funeral services were conducted for her on Thursday.

Nettie had been in failing health for a number of years and was lovingly cared for by her husband Clarence at home.

My sympathy is extended to Clarence and her son Donnie and daughter-in-law, Martha Blodgett, and granddaughter Carrie and grandson Max and family.

Pastor Bill Madison and Reverend Tom Rogers and Carol Sublett conducted the funeral and provided the music.

Ruby McMackin fell at her home the past week and broke her hip. She was taken to Dearborn county Hospital where she underwent surgery. She is now improving and will be taken to Milan Health Care very soon.

Happy birthday to Steve Lyons this week (my son-in-law).

Also, to Elijah Van Norstran and backing up to the first part of the month to Harper Hicks, my great-granddaughter, and to my other son-in-law, Rick Van Norstran and of course I can’t leave out my great-granddaughter Emma Sullivan who celebrated in December.

James Delmar Asbury was able to return to work this week after having been at home for a number of weeks recovering from surgery on his nose.

Bob and Betty Griswold attended a birthday party at Southwestern School in Hanover for their great-great-grandson, Chase McBride.

Danny and Evelyn Morris of North Vernon called on Betty Griswold on Wednesday afternoon. Then they wen to Vevay to visit Dorothy Rowlett and Myrtle Ritchie before going to the Nettie Blodgett visitation.

Glenn Bovard had his annual gun shoot on New Year’s Day with a large crowd attending.

Rick and Carla treated Elijah and Brittnie to dinner at Mo’s Saturday evening in honor of Elijah’s birthday.

Wilma Leive of Rising Sun, Sondra Burton of Harrison and Debby of Aurora called on Teresa and Carla at the office one day. They brought some family picures to share with us that Jeanette Bovard had taken over the years. Thank you so much. They had dinner at Mo’s before returning home.

My friend Meredith Luhrs is doing great after having a couple of runs to King’s Daughters’ Hospital with a troubling pain in her chest and on to Kentuckiana. Every test checked out good and she just needed a medication changed of which we were all very happy.

Steve Lyons will be having surgery in the near future. I ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

My daughter Rosemary has a new dog named “Lucy” and she has it so spoiled. It’s very smart and catches on quickly as to what Rosemary wants it to do. She has a bell tied onto her door and when Lucy needs to go to the bathroom she rings the bell for Rosie to take her out.

Betty Smith is taking tests to prepare to go to Norton’s Hospital in Louisville to have a kidney removed the first of February.

Bruce Hutcherson was missed at Glenn Bovard’s gun shoot this year. He always made the boys stand up and take notice.

Bob and I and Daisy Swanson attended the musical concert given at East Enterprise Methodist Church Sunday evening by Carol Ann Sublett and her group.

The music provided by Carol Ann and Bill Madison was beautiful and the singers were wonderful. Sherri Johnson sang two songs and hen Sherri, Carol and Marsha Patterson sang two songs with Z Conner accompanying them.

The surprise and wonderful treat of the evening was when Z Conner sang “I’ll Waltz Across Heaven With You” wih Carol Ann singing harmony.

I want to hear some more by these folks.

After the music we were invited to stay for refreshments which were delicious. Thank you very much to the ladies of the church.

Harold Dean Hayes was at the church and said to tell my family he was in the hospital when their dad passed away. He had congestive heart failure but said he is improving.

A few of us dropped in on Steve and Teresa on the day of Steve’s birthday and had cake. They were Allan Bear, Tony and Peggy Catanzaro, Bob and Betty, Ron Hocker, Meredith Luhrs and daughter.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Linda Bowman.

I have a little story about Tracy Pavy. It seems Friday was the big big one for Tracy so the family had a few people in and daddy Jim made some pizzas and there didn’t happen to even be a cake and one brother did not show up to wish her happy birthday. After the evening was over she looked up at Greg, her husband, and said “Some birthday.”

Well it just so happened this was just a cover up for the wonderful surprise party her husband and family had for her on Saturday with a large crowd of relatives and friends attending. Happy birthday, Tracy.

Carol Madison celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, the 20th. Bill made her favorite cake (angel food).

Betty Griswold sent her fried chicken by Bob on his way to work and her family came with pizza, so here’s hoping you enjoyed your birthday, Carol.

We are all excited here in Bennington as the work on the former Kenny Russell house has been completed and Billy Hankins will be moving into it.

John McAlister and son did the remodeling and did a wonderful job. I might add Carla, Elijah and Brittney put in a lot of long hard hours and it sure shows it. The old saying, “A job well done.”

Happy birthday this week to Steve Griswold, Bob’s son.

James and Amanda Asbury and sons were Sunday evening guests of Glo Asbury.

Betty Smith spent Monday and Tuesday in Louisville with her niece Sheila. While there she had tests done at Norton’s Hospital. Kenny Russell took her to Louisville.

Lavina Schwartz returned home last week after spending two weeks with her sister in Wisconsin.

Holly Peters and Lavina Schwartz attended the auction at Goins Auction in Butlerville, Indiana, Monday evening and had a great time.

Elma Chrisner spent Wednesday afternoon with Betty Griswold.

Bob saw his doctor in Louisville Friday and had a good report.