‘A WW II Radio Christmas’ is play set at high school this Saturday


“A WW II Radio Christmas” will be presented by the Switzerland County High School Drama Club for the holiday season.

The play will be performed this Saturday, December 20th, at 7 p.m. The play will be presented in the high school cafeteria.

The play features a cast of students from the high school in a series of vignettes featuring the old radio broadcasts from the height of World War II.

The play includes:

– For the pre-show, ‘Alfred Bell’, the emcee, will be portrayed by Hunter Zorn; and the stage manager if Anthony Henderson.

– The show will open with announcer Jacob Schmerr; and ‘Jingle Vocals’, with the entire cast and the audience singing ‘Jingle Bells’.

– ‘Clyde, War Dog Recruiter’ will feature Isaac Hart as Clyde Hoffsettler, Air Raid Warden; announcer Aaron Doherty; organizer Hunter Zorn; Audrey Kinne as Louise; Brooke Todd as Daisy; Jacob Schmerr as Charlie; and Anna Lockwood as Loren.

– ‘Postcard’ will feature Aaron Doherty as Wilbur and Adeli Kinne as Suze.

– ‘Scot Tissue Ad’ will have announcer Jacob Schmerr; Kyla Ramsey as the mother and Kylie Carfield as the friend.

– ‘Nurse’s Story’ will feature Isaac Hart as Pratt; Jacob Schmerr as Smitty; Anna Lockwood as Rose; Hunter Zorn as the doctor; Macy Barwick as Loraine; Kayla Jordan as Alice; and Ben Curran as the patient.

– ‘Postcards’ will have Kylie Carfield as Liz and Kyla Ramsey as Lola.

– In ‘Letter Censors’, Hunter Zorn is the announcer; Mollie Birch is censor #1; Macy Barwick is censor #2; and Kayla Jordan is censor #3.

– For the ‘Vaseline Hair Tonic Ad’, Anna Lockwood is Mavis; Audrey Kinne is Arlene; Ben Curran is Mark; and the announcer is Jacob Schmerr.

– ‘Hattie and Jess Meeting’ will feature Mollie Birch as Hattie; Macy Barwick as Dolly; Kayla Jordan as Agnes; and Isaac Hart as Jess.

This will also feature “Sing, Sing, Sing”, with cast members dancing with Hattie and Jess.

– ‘Hattie and Jess Kiss’ will again have Mollie Birch as Hattie and Isaac Hart as Jess.

– In ‘Shoo Shoo Baby’ the dancing continues.

– For ‘Hattie and Jess Newscaster’, the newscaster is Hunter Zorn.

- In ‘Hattie and Jess Close’, Mollie Birch is Hattie; Macy Barwick is Dolly; Kayla Jordan is Agnes; and Aaron Doherty is the officer.

– ‘I heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ will feature a chorus of the actors.

– For ‘Soldiers Letter-PSA’ will see Aaron Doherty as the sergeant; Hunter Zorn as the second voice; Isaac Hart as the third voice; Jacob Schmerr is announcer #1; Kylie Carfield is announcer #2; Hunter Zorn is Ackerman; and Isaac Hart is the soldier.

- In another installment of ‘Postcards’, Brooke Todd is Mae.

– In ‘Letters’ Kylie Carfield is Tricia; Jacob Schmerr is Mike; and Macy Barwick is Mam.

– And, in the finale, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, Jacob Schmerr is announcer #1; Kylie Carfield is announcer #2, and Hunter Zorn is Bell.


To help with the play, director Carrie Barwick is seeking assistance from the community.

She is asking the community for help in costuming by letting the cast borrow clothes and military uniforms from the 1940’s era. The play could also use white Christmas lights and black dress shoes from the period.

Items may be dropped off at the high school tomorrow (Friday) after noon. Carrie Barwick will catalog them, and donors can pick up their items after school on Monday.


Tickets are $4 in advance; or $5 at the door the night of the performance.

For more information, call (812) 599-9942.