Zoning change sent to council for housing PUD south of town


The Rising Sun City Plan Commission voted unanimously on Monday to send a favorable recommendation to city council for a 20 lot Planned Unit Development along S.R. 56 south of Rising Sun.

Attorney Lane Siekman presented the request to the seven member board for landowner Britt Minks (Minkspro LLC ) who was seeking a rezoning of the 12 acres from R1 (residential) to a PUD. The lots would be subject to R1regulations.

Siekman explained that the high quality home idea came as a result of the new city comprehensive plan and a need for new housing, an increased tax base and more families and students.

The property was annexed to the city about three years ago along with proposed land development for The Waters of Rising Sun

In the past, previous landowners had proposed condominiums and even a gas station (neither of which are in the proposed plan.

The new homes are expected to run around $200,000 including a new home for Britt and Tonia Minks. The couple will have lots one and two that will have access to the gravel lane that connects with Mulberry Street. However, other lots will be accessible by golf carts,bikes and pedestrians.

Siekman noted that if the city gets state to lower speed limit from 55 to 40 on S.R. 56 then Minks would not need acceleration lanes.

The PUD would have turn around areas that could be needed for a school bus.

City manager Mike Northcutt had several questions and noted the purpose of the meeting was for preliminary approval but he asked several concerns which will be dealt with at that time.

Questions included whether road the road would be a private road, private drive or city street.

Siekman said the request for a PUD instead of a subdivision was because there has been no major subdivision in 20 years. One on North Street hasn’t been developed due to up front costs required for roads.

Minks reported that he has had 16 inquiries wince announcing his plans for the development.

“There’s nothing in town like it,” added Minks of the low density, high end home development.

The lots cost from $35-$40,000 up to $100,000 which Minks hopes can be completed within 10 years.

Northcutt brought up issues of signage, fire hydrants and the roadway as Minks agreed to coordinate with the Rising Sun Municipal Utilities on requirements.

No curbs and sidewalks to minimize hard surfaces which neighbor Marie Sauerhage approved.

If approved by city council, come back to plan commission with a detailed plan.

Minks told resident Bob White that he will work to control contractors enter on 56 during construction.

Joe Brameier questioned the lot sizes and setbacks.

Lawrence Brightwell was encouraged with the idea of new homes.

Craig Crandall was concerned about restrictions if bought out. The new owner would have to come back before the zoning board.

After the more than hour discussion, chairman Dennis Williams asked for a motion to approve, disapprove, take no action or table. Kevin Smith motioned to send a positive rezoning recommendation. Debbie Thomason made the second with members Phil Ruxton, Bud Radcliff, Janet Bowman and Garry Forwood.

The recommendation now goes to city council for final approval of the preliminary plan.