Zack Brogan earns paramedic status


Zack Brogan of Florence is a native of Switzerland County, and he’s always had a heart for helping those in need.

That sense of service is continuing, as he has completed his training to become a paramedic. He puts that training to use as a member of Switzerland County EMS, helping those in emergency situations.

“I started out as a basic EMT, then did my advanced,” Zack Brogan said. “Now I’ve completed the paramedic training. I can do pretty much anything an ER nurse can do. Medication administration, intubations, different cardiac things: pacing, cardio versions. Pretty much anything. Probably it’s more alone the lines of a nurse practitioner.”

The course took 14 months, with Zack Brogan starting the program in August of 2012, finishing in October of 2013. He did his training at Ivy Tech in Madison.

He then went through the testing in December.

EMS Director Rob Stockmeier said that Zack Brogan had to complete more than 1,000 hours of training and classroom time, and then pass an extensive testing procedure to earn the paramedic status.

Currently there are five full time paramedics serving on Switzerland County EMS.

“We don’t have that many living in the county, so it’s actually a major asset,” Rob Stockmeier said. “Without having a hospital in our county, having highly trained people like Zack serving on the EMS is very important to the people of our county.”