Work continues on Markland Dam bridge, completion expected mid January


The rehabilitation project on the Markland Dam Bridge will be completed in the near future – and drivers are still asked to show patience as the work continues.

The job was awarded in September of 2015, and work began in February, 2016. PCI Roads from St. Michael Minnesota, was awarded the contract to repair the bridge, with the original scope of work coming in at $2.4 million.

That part of the work was complete in June; but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers then granted a second phase of work to the company.

An estimated total for repairs is around $4 million.

The company has been doing structural repair to the bridge under Highway 101 – which runs from the Indiana side across the bridge to the south, where the road then continues as Kentucky Road 1039 out to Exit 55 on Interstate 71 – so it is not visible from the road when you drive across the bridge.

The bridge was in dire need of repair because of the age, and heavy traffic on it. The bridge itself actually comes under three jurisdictions: the State of Indiana is responsible for the northern section; the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is responsible for the middle section; and the State of Kentucky is responsible for the southern portion of the bridge.

According to Project Manager Justin Lambert, the project should be complete by mid-January of 2017.

He expects to stop work on the bridge for a few days during the Thanksgiving holiday and also for a week at Christmas in order to let the employees go home. As soon as the holidays are over, work will resume and be complete mid-January of next year.

Lambert would like to thank the public for its patience during this construction and asks that all motorists please slow down while traveling the one lane road. He said he knows people are in a hurry, but wants all his employees to be safe.

The 1395-foot long bridge over the Ohio River, connecting Gallatin County and Switzerland County, was opened to the public in June of 1964.

– Rosemary Bovard