Work begins on taking down former NAPA building downtown


Main Street traffic in downtown Rising Sun has been closed for weeks but a recent Board of Works decision opened one lane around the fenced in area of downtown businesses affected by fire in March.

On Thursday, McAlister Excavating was selected to do the cleanup of the old NAPA building, at the corner of Main and Poplar Streets.

The property is now known as Bretzel’s Corner LLC owned by Brett Stowell. Attorney Lane Siekman gave a report to council on Thursday, May 7th, and was given approval for an exemption of city’s demolition policy that will allow the basement walls and floor to remain.

Investigators are still on the scene and Bretzel’s contention is that allowing the walls to remain serves as a means of preserving evidence.

Signs that the building must come down were confirmed by Eric Lang of Land Consultants

Lynn McAlister submitted a letter of concern of the wall on the Chinese restaurant and the company could not take responsibility for the issue. Another letter presented addressed to Stowell noted basement wall should remain because removal could cause damage to utilities and other underground.

McAlister began the clean-up Friday morning with photos taken by several agencies for documentation.

Riverfront project rebid

City council approved Beaty Construction as lowest of two bidders for the Phase 4 of the riverfront development project. The bid was $2,666,388.81.

However, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) contacted city manager Mike Northcutt to tell him there needed to be three bids on any project over $1 million.

The project will be rebid on July 8th.

The delay means that the annual July 4th fireworks can remain on the riverfront.

Port authority and docks

Representatives of the port authority addressed a request from the mayor and board of works to fund half of the costs ($9,500) for the installation of the boat docks at the riverfront for the 2015 season.

Weed ordinance

Council approved Ordinance 2015-5 to repeal Ordinances 2006-1 and 2012-3 for weed and grass control. Grass over six inches tall is considered a public health, safety and welfare concern.

Residents must mow at least once a month in April and October and twice a month May through September.

The street commissioner will determine violations and the clerk treasurer will notify owners that action must be taken within 10 days.

Violators will be charged with a Class A infraction with up to $2,500 fine.

The ordinance pertains to rank vegetation, trash and any other disagreeable substances in yards, porches and other area including tree limbs and shrubs which hinder visibility.