Woman charged with neglect in child’s death here

  A former Switzerland County woman now living in Ohio has been charged here with a Level 1 felony in connection with the death of her young child.


A former Switzerland County woman now living in Ohio has been charged here with a Level 1 felony in connection with the death of her young child.

Robyn Johnson of Mowrystown, Ohio, formerly of Vevay, has been charged with Neglect of a Dependent resulting in Death. She is being held in the Switzerland County jail after having her initial hearing in front of Switzerland Circuit Court Judge W. Gregory Coy.

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit filed with the court by Indiana State Police Detective Grant Martin, the case began in June of 2017, when Martin took responsibility for the investigation surrounding the death of Johnson’s child, whose name has been redacted from court records, but had a date of birth of March 3rd, 2015 — making the child just over two years old at the beginning of the investigation.

Martin reports in the probable cause affidavit that the child was born with health conditions, including a health issues commonly known as short bowel syndrome. Because of those health conditions, the child had been treated over the course of its life at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and had undergone multiple surgeries.

The affidavit says that between April and June 14th of 2017, the child was hospitalized and underwent surgeries at Children’s.

“After being discharged from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on June 14th, 2017, XXXXXX (name redacted) returned home to 1031 W. Main St., Vevay, Indiana, with his mother, Robyn Johnson, her other children and her boyfriend….” the affidavit states.

“During the evening hours of Friday, June 16, 2017, Robyn Johnson took XXXXXX back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Robyn Johnson stated that she took XXXXXX back to the hospital because his J-Tube (a gastrointestinal feeding tube) had come out. She re-inserted it, but it appeared to be leaking throughout the day.

“Upon examination at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital emergency room, doctors determined that XXXXXX’s feeding tube was properly placed. However, doctors determined that XXXXXX was severely dehydrated, showed signs of blood infection, and needed to be admitted to ICU for further testing and treatment of those conditions. XXXXXX’s condition and need for immediate treatment were conveyed by doctors and nurses to Robyn Johnson, who declined further treatment for XXXXXX and insisted she was going to leave the hospital with XXXXXX.

“Dr. Brenket, the attending emergency room physician presented an ‘Against Medical Advice’ form to Robyn Johnson and explained that the reasonably expected complications that could arise from her choice to discontinue XXXXXX’s treatment were dehydration, death, and kidney failure. Robyn Johnson was also told that she could leave XXXXXX at the hospital for continued treatment, even if she needed to leave that hospital to attend to other matters. Robyn Johnson signed the ‘Against Medical Advice’ form and left the hospital with XXXXXX, despite the fact the she was advised, both orally and in writing, that unless XXXXXX was provided necessary treatment he might die.”

The affidavit stated that after leaving the hospital, Johnson was contacted by two separate physicians who explained the severity of the condition and urged her to bring the child back to the hospital. One of the doctors said that Johnson agreed to bring the child back for treatment after she came back to Vevay to check on her other children. Johnson also stated that she was unhappy with the way the child was treated while at the emergency room.

The affidavit continues:

“In the early morning hours of June 17, 2017, after having returned to 1031 W. Main Street, XXXXXX went into cardiac arrest.

“XXXXXX was flown to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but efforts to save him were unsuccessful and he died.”

Anyone having any further information concerning this or other cases is asked to contact the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department at (812) 427-3636 or the Indiana State Police at (812) 689-5000.

It should be noted that all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.