WKID’s Chris Cagle concert is a big success here


Vevay’s WKID Froggy radio station held its first “Give Back to the Community” concert on Thursday night in the Switzerland County High School gym, and Country Music star Chris Cagle didn’t disappoint the large crowd.

WKID station manager Adam Griffin said that more than 1,300 people attended the concert, which featured local entertainer Cef Michaels as the opening act.

Chris Cagle and his band, which features five other musicians, then took the stage to the delight of the audience, and played familiar favorites and hits of the singer as well as some new selections featured on his new album.

“We are looking at tallying up our total costs as to what we had to do for the concert, and then our net profit will be divided between the Switzerland, Carroll, and Gallatin County Community Foundations,” WKID program director Adam Griffin said. “So we’ll be writing them checks for every dime we made off of the concert.”

Adam Griffin said that the station would like to have a concert each year, but noted that taking on such a big project was a lot of work for the small staff of the station.

“We’re hoping to try and do something like this every year,” Adam Griffin said.

As for the star attraction, Chris Cagle seemed to be very much at home here in Switzerland County, conversing with audience members and sharing with everyone his background and being raised in a small community just a bit larger than Vevay.

“He loved it here,” Adam Griffin said. “He even mentioned possibly coming back here and using us as sort of a ‘guinea pig’ for his tour that he’s going to be doing next year. He absolutely loved it here. He said that the people were tremendous and he loves small towns. He said that ‘these are the places that make my success, it’s not the big cities. It’s the rural country folk who are out at 5 a.m. milking the cows and listening to my music’.”

Adam Griffin also saluted the assistance the station got from the school corporation.

“We got tremendous support from Mr. Jones (Superintendent Mike Jones), Mr. Goewert (high school principal Gregg Goewert), and Mr. Todd (high school assistant principal David Todd),” he said. “They were all 100-percent behind us. That was more helpful than anything. Mr. Goewert, anytime I saw him, came up and asked what he could do to help or his staff could do. That was a very big factor for us.”

Adam Griffin said that Chris Cagle’s label manager came up from Nashville for the concert, and he told Adam Griffin that they had worked with venues all across the country, including big city markets; and the manager said that this was the best organized and the most positive crowd that he had ever seen in a small town.

“That made us feel great,” Adam Griffin said.