Willhite, Webb, Martini take top honors at RSHS


Rising Sun High School held its annual sports banquet on Tuesday,, June 6th in the high school cafeteria.

Scott Webb and Kyla Willhite were the top male and female scholastic student athletes.

Kyla Willhite and Zach Martini were voted the top female and male athletes for 2017.

Individual sports awards included:

Boys Cross country: Captains Zach Martini and Trevor Levi; MVP- Trevor Levi; All conference Trevor Levi and Zach Martini (conference MVP). All sectional Trevor Levi, Zach Martini.

Girls Cross Country: Captain- Jessica Koons; MVP and scoring champ- Kasey Baker All-conference- Kasey Baker, Lucy Carrigan. All-sectional- Kasey Baker.

Volleyball: Serving champ- Ally Pruiett; Offensive MVP- Lucy Carrigan and Claire Poling; Defensive MVP- Jacqueline Stapleton.

All-conference- Lucy Carrigan; All-sectional- Lucy Carrigan, Caroline Stapleton.

ICGSA- all-state academic- Ally Pruiett; honorable mention- Claire Poling, Jacqueline Stapleton.

Girls Soccer: Captain- Macy Elliott; Defensive MVP- Chelsea Brown; Offensive MVP- Keira Oser.

All-conference-Chelsea Brown, Riley Chipman, Keira Oser, Sydney Pitts, Kinsey Price; All sectional- Chelsea Brown, Keira Oser, Sydney Pitts, Kinsey Price.

Boys Soccer: Captain- Bryant Housemyer; Offensive MVP- Bryant Housemyer; Defensive MVP- Derak Woystek; All-conference Tristan Brown, Angelo Gallegos, Bryant Housemyer, Matt Martini.

Boys basketball: Captain- Tristan Brown; MVP- Brent Turner; Free throw champ- Noah Pflum; All-conference- Nick Koons, Brent Turner; All-sectional, all rivertown- Brent Turner.

Girls basketball: Captain- Lucy Carrigan, Jayden McAlister; MVP- Lucy Carrigan; Free throw percentage: Lucy Carrigan; All-conference- Lucy Carrigan; All-sectional, Subway player of the Week for scoring 47 points and all-state underclass honorable mention- Lucy Carrigan.

Cheerleading: Captain- Jessica Koons.

Softball: MVP- Baylie Hunter; Batting champ- Sydney Bostic; Captain- Claire Poling. All-conference- Sydney Bostic, Sydney Pitts, Baylie Hunter.

Girls track: Captain- Riley Chipman, Kasey Baker; MVP- Emma Levi; Most points: Kinsey Price. All-conference- Kasey Baker, Riley Chipman, Emma Levi, Kinsey Price.

Boys track: Captain- Trevor Levi; Scoring champ- Trevor Levi; MVP- Derrick Eldridge; All-conference- Derrick Eldridge, Trevor Levi.

Baseball: Captain- Derrick Eldridge, Bryant Housemyer; MVP- Brent Turner, Bryant Housemyer; Batting champ- Bryant Housemyer; All-conference- Derrick Eldridge, Bryant Housemyer, Brent Turner; All-sectional- Jacob Bovard, Brayden Bush, Brent Turner, Zach Martini, Bryant Housemyer, Jakob Sandlin; All-regional- Jacob Bovard, Matt Martini, Zach Martini.

Golf: Captain- Angelo Gallegos; MVP- rent Turner; Medalist- Sam Markland. All-conference- Tristan Brown, Angelo Gallegos, Sam Markland, Brent Turner.

Jacket award winners were: Trevor Levi, Colton Henry, Sydney Bostic, Baylie Hunter, Keira Oser, Jayden McAlister, Abby Wallace, Jacob Bovard, Jake Scott, Caroline Stapleton, Jakob Sandlin, Danyka Groover and MaKayla White.

Blanket Award winners (receiving 10 or more letters) were Derak Woystek, Zach Martini, Tristan Brown, Derrick Eldridge, Angelo Gallegos and Kyla Willhite.