What do I need to vote on Tuesday?


If you want to vote in the upcoming general election this Tuesday, there are some things that you need to know.

Each and every voter who goes to the polls must provide a government-issued photo ID before they will be allowed to cast a ballot.

The ID must contain a photo of the voter; it must have the voter’s name on it, and that name must correspond with the name on the voter roll at the polling place.

It must also have an expiration date on it, and it must be current or have expired sometime after the date of the last General Election.

The ID must be something that has been issued by either the State of Indiana or the federal government. For most, a driver’s license will work, but for those who don’t drive, an Indiana photo ID card, which can be obtained from the license branch, is an option.

Other things that are acceptable include a U.S. Passport, or a military ID.

Most of the polling places in Switzerland County are handling more than one precinct, so voters are reminded to check for signs as they enter the polling place. Voters should enter the building that is marked with the precinct that they live in.

Also, all polling places are required to be handicapped-accessible, so anyone with special needs should be able to enter the polling place and vote.