War, not conflict


To the Editor:

The article in May 11th newspaper about the P.O.W. identification was an amazing story. I was very pleased to see the paper had used the word Vietnam War and not Conflict.

My son Denny Brown and wife Diana had traveled to New Mexico to visit one of his comrade’s grave. They had taken the Marine Grave Marker. The mother and family were so grateful. There was a gathering of the family when Denny put it on his grave.

Denny had written a short piece of news to put in the Vevay newspaper and had told the family he would sent them copies of the paper. When the paper was published they had changed Vietnam War to Conflict.

Denny called the paper office and talked to Ginny Leap and Pat Lanman, asking them if they would please put it in the following week. He was told absolutely not. It was Conflict and correct for the paper.

I wanted to remind your readers that the term Conflict hardly applies to the 58,000 lives lost in Vietnam and Cambodia.

God Bless all of you veterans.

Margaret Lee Brown Weidmann

160 Highway 156

Vevay, IN 47043