Want to schedule a vaccine appointment? Follow these steps


 Although the number of COVID-19 vaccines available here in Switzerland County are somewhat limited, County Health Officer Dr. Scott Frede said that he believes that more doses will be available soon, and wants people to understand the process of getting an appointment to receive a vaccine.

  Early this week, Dr. Frede walked through the steps for people to register, which is all done online. He noted that once people get on the platform to register, they are eligible to go anywhere in the state to get their vaccine, they are not limited to waiting here in Switzerland County.

  “It’s really easy to do,” Dr. Frede said. “We’ve done them here in the office for older people who may not be sure of the process, but it only takes a few seconds to register.”

  Dr. Frede said at this point, the only limitations are quantities of vaccines being available.

  “Last week we got 100 doses, and we’ll get 100 again this week,” he said. “Plus another — I think they’re going to move it up to 200 per week after that. It’s not like we have 2,000 vaccines here where we can do everybody, so that’s why we have to be selective.”

  Dr. Frede said that the registration happens through the Indiana State Department of Health — not the local health department..

  Here is a walk through of the steps:

Go online to: www.ourshot.in.gov

  This takes you to the website for the Indiana State Department of Health, which is where all appointments are made for the entire state.

Look at the top

  In the top banner of the website, in a blue bar, look for “Find a Vaccination Site” — and click on that tab.

Find Switzerland County

  A map of the State of Indiana will appear, and along the right side of the screen there is a listing of Vaccine Sites by County. You can either scroll through that list and click on Switzerland County; or you can locate Switzerland County on the map and click on the purple icon near where Vevay would be on the map (it’s the only icon in Switzerland County).

Vaccine Clinic

  When you click on that icon, a small window will open with the details of the Vaccine Clinic being available here in the county. It gives the location and address of where the vaccines will be given; and then there is a listing that says: “Click here to register”.


  Next you will come to a page that says “Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Program”.

  The website then will show you a series of questions that determines whether or not you are eligible to receive the vaccine at this time.

  Currently: vaccination appointments are only available to:

  • Healthcare Workers: Healthcare workers who have face-to-face interactions with patients or contact with infectious material.

  • First Responders: Fire, law enforcement, EMS, reservists, or volunteer who interacts with the public.

  • People 70 years of age or older.

  Anyone meeting one or more of those standards then moves on to scheduling an appointment. Those who do not meet any of those standards cannot schedule an appointment. Dr. Frede said that everyone should continue to monitor the website, because those requirements will change as the program moves forward. For example: the age may drop from 70 to 65 or below; other workers — such as teachers — may be included; or other essential workers.

  “It’s important that even though a person may not qualify right now, they still need to continue to check the website and register as soon as they become eligible,” Dr. Frede said.

Search for an appointment 

  Once you certify that you are eligible, the next screen will take you to where you can enter your ZIP Code, which will provide you with more options near you to receive the vaccine.

  Once inputting your ZIP Code, there will be a series of possible locations, in order of those nearest to you.

  The first listing here will be the “SWITZERLAND CO HD COVID VAX”, and there is a blue button to “Schedule an Appointment”.

  From there you will see a calendar, and as you move through the days, if there are any vaccine appointments available, a segment will drop down with buttons for each time slot.

  Currently here in Switzerland County, the next available appointments are on Monday, February 1st.

  Again, Dr. Frede noted that if a person wants to see about the soonest possible vaccination appointment, you can go down through the list below “SWITZERLAND CO HD COVID VAX” and search availability in area towns and cities.


  Dr. Frede said that if anyone has any issues, they are asked to dial ‘211’ and get help, but he warned that because of our geographic location, sometimes dialing 211 here might result in speaking to someone in Kentucky, so everyone needs to be sure they are scheduling through Indiana.

  He also said that the health department is seeking volunteers to help with the vaccination site, especially as more vaccines become available and more appointments can be made.

  He noted that currently the health department has enough medical workers to administer vaccinations, but where there is a need is for people who are willing to volunteer to handle clerical work for the program.

  Anyone willing to volunteer is asked to contact Dr. Frede or the Switzerland County Health Department.