Vote your convictions


To the Editor:

This is my first Letter to the Editor. I have hesitated to write in the past. However, something has become very concerning to me. It seems to me that we don’t vote our convictions anymore. The truth is that we vote for conveniences.

this country was founded by people who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and all they had because of their convictions. If you read your history, it wasn’t very good on their personal economy to stand up for these convictions.

there is no need to name candidates or parties, but only to look at the history of the candidate themselves. Are they pro-life? Are they pro-abortion? Is your conviction that it’s not okay to kill? Then vote that way. Is your conviction that it’s okay to kill for convenience? Then vote that way.

My personal choices for candidates predict that if I vote pro-life . . . as a farmer it’s going to be hard on me economically. However, if I’m not willing to suffer hardships for my convictions, then they are not convictions.

I’m sorry if this letter seems harsh, but I am not a professional writer. I simply write what I see as a deep concern. Please, voters, have the courage to vote your convictions. Thank you for your patience.

Roger Garland (a farmer)

Near Vevay