Vevay Town Council may form downtown revitalization group


The Vevay Town Council is considering the formation of a community group that would focus on the revitalization of downtown.

Town clerk-treasurer Donna Graham suggested to the town council at Monday’s meeting that the council work toward the formation of a committee that could help plan what Vevay might look like in the future.

Donna Graham suggested that the town council could create such a committee using a member of already established groups, such as: Mainstreet, Inc.; Tourism; the historical society; the town council itself; and a resident member.

The council agreed that the formation of such a committee would be a good idea; and asked that anyone who might be interested in serving on the committee contact Vevay Town Hall at 427-3131.


In other business discussed by the Vevay Town Council:

— Residents attended the meeting to ask that the town council do something about the property at 210 East Pike Street. The owner of the property, John Thomas, has not done any work on the home in a couple of years; and the property now needs to be cleaned up and the windows boarded shut.

John Thomas called to discuss the property, and said that he would continue the work on the home in the spring.

— A complaint was voiced that the property at 210 East Main Street needs to be cleaned up. Town marshal Brian Morton will speak with the property owners.

— Town marshal Morton gave the town council a year end status report on the town police force.

— The town council discussed a truck that had been ordered from Ande Chevrolet. The deadline for the truck was December 14th.

— Utilities superintendent Terry Brindley informed the town council that the sewer line project would be done on December 13th, and that patching of the streets will begin this week.

— Town councilman Pete Furnish moved to give a two percent bonus to the eligible employees, with the police force not being included because of the pay raises that the town gave them in April. All were in favor.

— Pete Furnish also made a motion to accept a quote from Bovard’s to install a culvert on Main Cross Street between Pike Street and Seminary Street at a cost of $6,000. The town will pay half the cost; with the county commissioners picking up the other half because of the work’s benefit to the jail.

— The next meeting of the Vevay Town Council will be on Tuesday, December 27th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Vevay Town Hall. All residents are invited to attend.