Vevay Town Council discusses creating downtown parking lot


The Vevay Town Council met for its regular meeting on Monday night, and members of the council discussed the possibility of creating a new town parking lot.

Councilman Pete Furnish asked his fellow council members, Jamie Hayes and Keith Smith, to consider a plan that would bring the town and county together to purchase land for a parking lot in Vevay.

The property is located at 301 W. Main Street, at the corner of Main and Main Cross adjacent to the courthouse, and is currently owned by Chester Meisberger.

If the house was purchased, it would be torn down and a parking lot established at the site.

Pete Furnish estimated that the total cost of the project would be $136,500; and that the county commissioners have agreed to participate in the project. He said that he will approach the county council at its next meeting; and will also discuss the purchase with Switzerland County Tourism.

If the cost is split three ways — county, town, tourism — it would be $45,500 per entity.

The matter was taken under advisement by the council, but no decision was made.


In other business discussed by the Vevay Town Council:

— Jarrod Hambrick was hired as seasonal help for the town.

— Pete Furnish reported that he has been working with Mike Meyer from Strand about extending the sidewalk on the north side of State Road 56 from the Switzerland County YMCA west to the Switzerland County Medical Center.

The approximate cost of this sidewalk would be $56,110, so bids will have to be taken for this project. The council will continue to consider the matter.

— Sealing the streets in the cemetery was discussed. The town council will get a quote on the cost and consider it at a later date.

— James Richards was hired as a new Vevay Town Police officer.

— The lower campground at the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park was discussed. The opening of the campground is not in the Vevay Park Board’s budget; but the town council was informed that the Swiss Wine Festival board will finance this project.

— Resident Barbara Dowdy attended the meeting to discuss the sewer on York Street.

— The need to have the brick on the water plant building tuck pointed was discussed.

— Councilman Keith Smith reported that there are drainage problems at Market and Arch streets; and that there is also a drainage problem at the Ogle Park.

— The next meeting of the Vevay Town Council will be on Monday, May 22nd, at 6:30 p.m. in the Vevay town hall. The meeting is open to the public.