Vevay Town Council discusses Spring Cleanup for 2006


The Vevay Town Council held its regular meeting on Monday night, and one of the main points of discussion was whether or not the town will again sponsor a Spring cleanup event for residents.

For the past couple of years, the town council has rented dumpsters and placed them near the fairgrounds for use by residents in cleaning up their property. Last year, the program cost the town $11,000.

Monday’s discussion centered on how affective the program is. It was estimated that at least half of the use of the dumpsters last year came from people living outside of the town limits; and councilman Pete Furnish also noted that the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District may also be hosting their Spring and Fall cleanup days again this year.

After further discussion, the town council opted to table the matter until it can get information from the Solid Waste District about their cleanup programs.


In other business discussed by the Vevay Town Council:

— Town attorney Greg Coy reported that he is working on information on the Cable Advisory Board.

— John Kniola informed the town council that the Board of Zoning Appeals is working on a new planning book. He also issued another complaint on the property at 601 West Main Street.

— Pete Furnish made a motion to purchase five weed eaters at a cost of $269 each from Ackerman-Chaco. All were in favor.

— Pete Furnish made a motion for the town to conduct a rate study on water and sewer funds; and fellow council members Jamie Hayes and Keith Smith were in favor.

— Trash rates for the town were discussed. The monthly rate for residents is going to have to rise because of a rate increase from Rumpke. Clerk-treasurer Donna Graham will get more information and report back to the council.

— Jamie Hayes made a motion to give town workers Billy Gulley and Kenny Gulley a pay increase of 50-cents per hour for taking care of the dog pound. All were in favor of this motion.

— The next meeting of the Vevay Town Council will be on Monday evening, February 27th. The meeting will be held at town hall, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.